It's time to act !

This is me. I was working at a multinational company that sells sodas. It was then that I really realized that everything we eat or drink has a direct impact on our body and our health.

Back on the benches of the university

I wanted to know more. So, at 34 years old, I resumed my studies in Nutrition at the medical school and I was particularly interested in vitamins and food supplements.

A model to rethink

"In general, I start a course of vitamins or supplements and, after 2-3 days, I stop. So it is useless". This sentence, I heard it so much around me that I decided to understand the reasons and to tackle the subject.

Surround yourself with the best

With the help of experienced pharmacists, we then imagined the perfect dietary supplement: formula, dosage, taste, texture ... And Gummies are born!

Months of hard work

Once the concept imagined, one goal: to develop the products that best meet your needs.

And today we are!

The development is coming to an end, but our story has only just begun ...