Allows the body toimprove resistance to stress, fatigue and anxiety. 



With small yellow flowers, rhodiola is a plant that has thick and very resistant roots. It has been used for several centuries in herbal medicine and is one of the first plants qualified asadaptogens. Which means its properties allow it to adapt to the specific needs of the organization, Including strengthening its ability to resist stress and fatigue. Indeed, rhodiola promotes relaxation and soothes tensions related to anxiety or temporary fatigue. It also helps to reduce the effects of stress and thus allows find more serenityé. It is therefore a real asset for people looking to regain morale after a period of intense overwork.

Studies have shown that the properties of rhodiola were notably due to the presence of substances specific phytochemicals such as rosarines and rosavins, but rhodiola also contains many nutrients such as amino acids, minerals, vitamins, tannins and antioxidants.



Rhodiola is a plant capable of withstand extreme climates. Indeed, it grows in the wild in the mountain ranges of the northern hemisphere, in particular in Siberia, Scandinavia and Iceland. It has been used for centuries to fight against the Siberian climate and its stressful effect on the body. According to a legend, the Viking peoples were the first to use this plant for improve their endurance, vigor and resistance to extreme conditions.



Contraindicated in pregnant or breastfeeding woman or in people undergoing psychiatric treatment.



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