Objective: From real good habits!

It is difficult to adopt good eating habits in an era where we are told everything and its opposite. Jennifer, our nutrionist, helps you sort out everything that is said about our food and gives you his 10 scientifically verified tips for healthy habits.

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Diets: what are they really?

Diets are ineffective or even harmful to our health. So how do you adopt a healthy lifestyle in these cases? Jennifer gives you several habits and practices that really work and in the long run. Discover a new way of understanding food!

Who are our daily allies? 

You must eat this, you must not eat that ... Jennifer takes you to go beyond the usual injunctions and to discover our daily allies: foods, nutrients to rediscover and above all ... which do not forget your pleasure!

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Small tips: and concretely
how do we do ?

Easy to say but not easy to do? Jennifer gives you practical everyday tips. Between organization, state of mind and values, these little tips will facilitate these moments of transition and rebalancing that we can experience (yes it is possible!) With pleasure and serenity. 

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A state-certified dietitian-nutritionist, Jennifer studied at Paris School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition. Throughout her studies, she tackled different approaches to eating in order to meet the specific needs of each individual.

Well aware that our health depends on the subtle interactions between our genetic predispositions and our lifestyle habits, Jennifer wished to enrich her knowledge by specializing in micronutrition and intestinal microbiota, two fields which are part of the first line of research for better health of tomorrow. She now works at Les Miraculeux and designs our Gummies formulas.

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