According to a study carried out by INSV / MGEN on French sleep in 2020, 53% of the population considers this topic to be a real health issue and yet a large number of them suffer from sleep disorders. Thus, we will understand what deteriorates the quality of sleep and the consequences they can have on our body. But above all, how to remedy it with the benefits of melatonin, to help you sleep better?


What are the causes of sleep disorders? What consequences?


The importance of sleep on our health


importance of sleep on health


You should know that the need for sleep for an adult varies between 7 and 8 hours per night. And, are considered as sleep disorders: nocturnal awakenings, nocturnal apnea, chronic or occasional insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, etc.


Since the 2000s, there has been an increasing reduction in daily sleep time, especially among young people. However, this is not without consequences on our health and several scientific studies show a positive correlation between chronic lack of sleep and many pathologies such as:

  • diabetes ; 
  • the Depression ; 
  • obesity; 
  • high blood pressure ; 
  • cardiovascular problems; 
  • menstrual irregularity in young women.

    A bad night can also have more or less harmful repercussions on our daily lives such as irritability, for example, intense fatigue, disturbances in attention and concentration during the day, or even impaired schooling among young people.


    Why do we suffer from sleep disorders?



    causes sleep disturbances melatonin


    When it is difficult to fall asleep or when you wake up to multiple repetitions, it is necessary to understand the causes in order to act accordingly.


    A bad lifestyle


    Having irregular schedules, disregarding our biological clock or favoring large meals can disrupt our sleep. It is therefore strongly recommended to install a sleep ritual and to opt for light meals in order to easily find sleep.


    An unsuitable environment


    The atmosphere in our room has a real impact on the quality of our sleep, so remember to ventilate regularly, morning and evening, and ensure that the temperature does not exceed 18 degrees. Namely that excessive light, an overheated room or poorly adapted bedding are all criteria to consider when suffering from sleep disorders.


    Daily stress


    Being emotionally agitated at bedtime or constantly rehashing your problems during the night can affect your sleep. In this case, favor calm activities and infusions based on plants with relaxing properties for fight against stress and sleep well.


    Overconsumption of screens (video games, telephone, TV)


    Watching your screen before going to bed is strongly discouraged if you have difficulty falling asleep. Indeed, several scientific studies have shown that the blue light, emitted from phones or tablets, considerably harms the quality of our sleep.


    Sleep problems, how can you sleep better with melatonin?


    melatonin benefits 


    Today, many people advocate taking melatonin to effectively fight sleep disorders. In the form of food supplements, what is it really?


    What is melatonin and what role does it play?


    Also known as a sleep hormone, melatonin is naturally secreted in the brain from serotonin to regulate our wake and sleep cycles. In the dark, it is the trigger that signals our body that it is time to sleep. It therefore aims to:

    • decrease the time it takes to fall asleep; 
    • regulate the cirdadian rhythm (biological clock); 
    • dramatically improve the quality of deep sleep.

      Conversely, in the event of intense light, such as that of screens in particular, its secretion is inhibited: it is impossible, then, to fall asleep.


      What are the benefits of melatonin on sleep disorders? 


      In addition to helping you treat insomnia, it is recommended in the event of jet-lag to combat jet lag and quickly find the right sleep rhythm. Unlike drug treatments, such as sleeping pills, melatonin is not addictive and does not require a prescription below 2mg per day. If in doubt, however, do not hesitate to seek the advice of your doctor.


      To remember


      Sleep disorders are often a reflection of our lifestyle, so it is essential to adopt a healthy lifestyle and a good sleep routine at bedtime, avoiding screens as much as possible. To help you fall asleep and sleep peacefully, melatonin is ideal for helping you find restful sleep. 


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