Popularized with the arrival of smartphones, podcasts are available in several formats and address a wide variety of themes. Discover our selection of programs to naturally fight against stress and help you relax every day!


What is a podcast and how to read it?

Le Podcast (contraction of the word iPod et Broadcast) is not new: it owes its success to the Apple company, which in 2005 was the first firm to offer this new format initially planned to broadcast music content.

The arrival of smartphones has greatly contributed to the popularization of podcasts, and their extension to various and varied themes.

Of a period of a few minutes to several hours, updated daily or monthly, each podcast has a different format that adapts to everyone's desires and preferences. Whether you want to find the latest news, listen to music or learn a new language, you will certainly find the podcast that suits you!

To listen to your podcasts, you have several choices:

  • Either by subscribing directly to the podcast on the publisher's website;
  • Either by using platforms like Deezer, Spotify or iTunes;
  • Either through your phone with the Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts apps.

Our selection of podcasts to fight stress and fall asleep faster


At the Miraculous, our goal is to make you feel better every day! To help you, we have found a selection of podcasts to help chase the stress of the day and conquer insomnia :


1. 21 Days to Meditate

21 days to meditate podcast

You certainly know, to learn to let go of everyday life and naturally chase stress, meditation practice is one of the most effective ways! But sometimes it is difficult to get started, even with the many applications available or guided meditations on video platforms.
To easily approach meditation, the center for young business leaders (CJD France) recently launched the “21 days to meditate” program. In the form of a challenge, this podcast offers you an episode of a few minutes every day to experience meditation in a simple way, reconnect to your emotions and take more advantage of the present moment.
Discover the old episodes and subscribe to the podcast: https://podcast.ausha.co/21-jours-de-meditation


2. In my bubble


Anxious, confinement had repercussions on our stress level. Launched at the end of April 2020, In my bubble is a podcast which offers programs in short format of ten minutes, on the themes of relaxation, well-being and relaxation. Updated weekly, the already available episodes give you the keys to waking up feeling great, helping you fall asleep and relax during the day when you feel the need to. 

Main themes: Relaxation, well-being, relaxation, confinement
Launch Date: April 26, 2020
Creator and moderator: Marie Gonand
Subscribe to the podcast: https://shows.acast.com/dans-ma-bulle_relaxation

3. Emotions

Emotion podcast


To better manage stress and promote relaxation, understand and take the time to feel our emotions is essential for feeling good every day. Often suppressed, emotions if they are not recognized can create discomfort and cause tension in our body.

Le “Emotions” podcast launched in January 2019 helps us put words and make sense of the emotions we experience: guilt, fear of the future, anger, incomprehension, nostalgia or even jealousy. This podcast takes a look at the different feelings we can experience and helps us better understand and deal with them. It alternates both short episodes of a few minutes and longer content (45mn to 1 hour) to dissect in depth the origins of the emotions and feelings discussed.


Every second Monday, a podcast presented by Cyrielle Bedu.


Subscribe to the podcast and discover the old episodes: https://louiemedia.com/emotions


4. Insomnia, get out of my bed!


Stress and sleep of poor quality do not mix, one constantly feeding the other. Tired of spending your nights staring at the ceiling and waking up tired and cranky? Focused on sleep disorders, the podcast “Insomnia, get out of my bed!” helps you better understand how sleep works and find tips for sleeping better. The programs lasting 15 to 45 minutes are updated weekly, and are presented by Aurélie, who suffered for nearly 15 years from insomnia. Here she shares with us her discoveries and experiments to get out of this infernal rhythm and gradually find softer and more pleasant nights!

Subscribe to the podcast: https://podcast.ausha.co/insomnie-hors-de-mon-lit


5. Change my life!

Change my life podcast


Do you want to feel better but don't know where to start? The “Change my life” podcast created by the life coach Clotilde Dusoulier gives you the keys to be able to move forward serenely and gradually free yourself from stress. To act at the global level, the show offers episodes with various themes ranging from self-confidence, meditation through the relationship with others and personal development. 147 content awaits you, lasting 20 to 30 minutes, with one new episode per week.


Subscribe and discover the old episodes: https://changemavie.com/episodes


Listened to regularly, podcasts can be an effective to relieve stress and promote sleep. They can be listened to throughout the day: in public transport, in the evening before falling asleep, during the lunch break ... their practical and nomadic format adapts to all and they are generally short for adapt to the busiest schedules!


To complete your wellness routine, also discover our food supplement stress and sleep : taken before bedtime, it facilitates restful sleep and naturally helps you to relax.


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    Something new in the category of podcasts for sleeping: Somnifère, which is a podcast divided into two: a relaxation session and a story to sleep each evening from 19 p.m. Available on all listening platforms, or www.somniferelepodcast.com: o)

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