Sensation of discomfort, anxiety attack or panic, anxiety is characterized by the appearance of a pronounced discomfort which can become chronic and affect daily life. Discover our top 10 tips to soothe anxiety and help you quickly regain well-being and serenity!


Recognize the causes of anxiety and its symptoms


the causes and symptoms of anxiety


How does anxiety appear?


Anxiety is mainly caused by a chronic stress, particularly in the context of professional activity, but also personal, after an event such as the loss of a loved one, illness, but also a move or a divorce for example. Anxiety can also appear at certain important periods of life such as after the announcement of a pregnancy or during menopause, marked by significant hormonal changes.


How does it manifest itself?


- symptoms of anxiety are characterized by a powerful worry, sometimes felt throughout the day, which affects life and daily activities. The anxious person may thus feel a feeling of fatigue, irritability, concentration or memory problems linked to too much thought or sleep disturbances. Sometimes anxiety also causes bodily manifestations such as muscle tension or pain in the back or neck, a feeling of a lump in the stomach or even heart rhythm disturbances.


Our 10 tips for treating anxiety


Anxiety can be alleviated when it starts to become too important in our lives. We can then try to set up certain reflexes which will help to better manage it and to lower the level of stress over time, to gradually find calm and serenity:


1. Accept your situation!


The more we suffer, the more we tend to feel bad about the discomfort we feel. A real vicious circle then begins: we feel guilt, which thus feeds stress and the development or reinforcement of anxiety. Accept that we are suffering Right now is the first step towards understanding our situation and developing more positive habits.


2. Welcome your emotions with kindness


welcome negative emotions to treat anxiety


Since our childhood, we have learned to hide our emotions, especially our negative emotions like anger, fear or sadness. These emotions are part of us, and must be fully felt and welcomed to then be evacuated. So don't beat yourself up if you need to externalize them, it will help you feel better and let go!


3. Stay away from social networks and get away from the news


To cure anxiety, stepping away from all the negatives can also help you feel better and focus on the positive. The current health situation has now been omnipresent in the media for several months now, which has the effect of amplifying this collective phenomenon of anxiety and uncertainty about the future. Stay away from TV news and social networks As much as possible is an easy solution to occupy your mind with more relaxing or positive activities, such as sports or meditation for example.


4. Focus on your breathing


When we are stressed and anxious, our breathing changes to become more choppy. Take the time to practice more conscious breathing, with cardiac coherence for example or so-called abdominal breathing can help to relax almost instantly in the event of an attack. You can also opt for the moon breathing, a new relaxation technique to find sleep more quickly!


5. Try journaling


journaling to relieve stress and anxiety


As a teenager, were you a fan of your diary? Back on the front of the stage especially with the miracle morning, journaling is another technique to try to combat anxiety. Practicing daily writing can be a very effective way to soothe manifestations of anxiety by writing down on paper or on a computer his thoughts and worries of the moment.


6. Enjoy nature


Exit get some fresh air and take a walk in nature or in a park next to your home is one of the most effective anxiety treatments for stopping the flood of negative thoughts that can invade everyday life. If you live in the city, why not take your lunch break in this park located 10 minutes from your office? Or take a 15-minute break at the end of your day to work on that book you just can't seem to finish? Also take advantage of the weekend to clear your mind and avoid thinking about the past week or the week to come.


7. Discover Bach flowers to treat anxiety naturally


- flower essences can also be an interesting natural remedy to use to combat anxiety. Dr Edward Bach has in fact developed no less than 38 flower essences, all designed to meet specific needs. Some can help you fight anxiety, or soothe anxiety attacks like Mimulus (n ° 20) or Aspen (n ° 2).


8. Play sports to release the pressure


To fight anxiety and more generally against stress, the practice of a physical activity is more than recommended. Through the secretion of endorphin and dopamine, the sport helps you increase your level of well-being and release the built-up pressure. For a double action, opt for outdoor sports activities to benefit from natural light and a good breath of fresh air!


9. Pay attention to your sleep and diet


sleep well to fight stress and anxiety


When anxiety lasts several days, weeks or months, the biological rhythm is very often disturbed. Of sleeping troubles may appear, as well as eating behaviors favoring excess sugar for example. So try as much as possible to facilitate restful sleep by listening, for example, to podcasts to sleep well, and by favoring foods rich in vitamins and minerals and omega-3s, known for their positive action on the nervous system.


10. Take a dietary supplement to cure anxiety


To help you fight symptoms of anxiety and find well-being and serenity, you can also take a anti-stress food supplement. Formulated with GABA, rhodiola, ofhawthorn and vitamin B6In anti-stress gummies will provide you with support in case of occasional stress (before a professional interview for example) or over a longer period.


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