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Hello Habib, can you introduce yourself briefly ? 

My name is Habib, I am 36 years old and I work in communication strategy.

What gummies Les Miraculeux have you tested and why? 

For me, it's really the Sleep gummies that attracted me because it really responded to a problem in my daily life: finding alternatives to everything that is medicated.

What have been the effects of gummies on your sleep?

In fact it was quite surprising because I took a bad habit of falling asleep with screens, and so there I really felt the effect, this quite relaxing side and the fact of wanting to sleep but without necessarily struggling against sleep. So it was much more calming. It is true that it seems rather anecdotal for some people the fact of dreaming but me when, for three years it never happened to me. And in fact to feel a little more alive than completely amorphous because the product finally the sleeping pills completely broke me so suddenly it completely changed my relationship with sleep. 

Could you describe in terms of feeling what changed in the morning between the time you took sleeping pills and les Miraculeux ?

In the morning, I really took half an hour to wake up! Something I was able to do now is wake up in the morning, be able to go to sports before going to work and so suddenly it has completely changed my days as well.

Finally, how did the Sleep gummies improve your daily life? 

The fact that it was shaped like gummies, I was quite skeptical because I thought it was just a candy so in fact it was more the taste and playful aspect. In fact, it completely broke all the barriers I had. Because trying it makes me adopt it. Me it lasts me about half an hour after taking. I also have more energy in the morning, something I no longer had and suddenly it prepares me for the day more easily. It's a miracle ! 
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