Discover Céline's testimony on Energy gummies 


Hello Céline, could you briefly introduce yourself? 

My name is Céline, I am 24 years old and I work in consulting.


What range Les Miraculeux did you choose?

The Energy cure is true that at the moment I am taking it to boost myself, it prevents me from taking anything else. In general what I did is that in January I was still doing a cure. 


Why did you choose The Miraculous?

Basically, with a lot of food supplements, you don't really know what you are swallowing, they are big labs. We want to go to The Miraculous precisely because it better meets our expectations: there at least I know that what I'm already taking is made in France, I know how it happened behind and that changes everything!


What do you think of the Gummies galenic compared to traditional food supplements? 

It's true that when I take a food supplement that I swallow with water, well, I took it but I don't really have the feeling of having taken it. While a Gummy is fun, it's colorful, it's a cute little shape. I keep it in the mouth, I feel its taste, it changes a lot of things. It had become a bit of my morning ritual, every morning I took one and then it boosts me!




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