Summer and summer vacations are now well established, and with them the quest for the “perfect body”. Slimming, tanning, waxing, the media pressures exerted on a daily basis weigh on morale and can lead to feeling guilty. What if the summer body was above all a body in which you feel good?


The summer body or the impossible quest for a perfect body


Summer body, feel good in your body


It's the same thing every year: a few weeks before summer, the media flood us with advertisements extolling the merits of slimming, anti-cellulite and anti-stretch mark products. The goal ? Convince us to have the perfect body before summer by spending money on products that often do not give the expected results. This year is all the more special with the health crisis, where we absolutely must “do away with the pounds taken during confinement”!


Among the Miraculous, it is believed that a summer body is above all a body in which we feel good. The approach of summer is above all to be able to find the desire to take more care of your body, but also to review your diet and take stock of your lifestyle to feel better in your body, but also in his head.


How to feel good in your body?


Favor a balanced diet


Feel good in your body, adopt a balanced diet

Who has never felt bad after a meal that was too rich? If the pleasure of eating should always be a priority, favor a balanced diet every day remains one of the essential elements to be well in your body. Summer is a good time to eat lighter in the hot weather.

Take advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables, hydrate yourself throughout the day to eliminate toxins and regain lightness. While enjoying an aperitif with friends by the pool or a good ice cream in the sun!


The idea is to find a balance between healthy food and little one-off pleasures, so as not to put too much pressure on having to eat healthy at all costs and feel guilty after each deviation. Eat better every day should always be a pleasure and not become a constraint in order to be able to be continued over time and become an integral part of your lifestyle.


Find the sport that will make you vibrate


With food, the sport practiced regularly  allows you to become more aware of your body, and has many benefits on our mind. The summer body quest pushes many people to do a fitness program just for the purpose of sporting a “perfect body” on the beach, while physical activity needs to be done on a regular basis throughout the year to allow us to enjoy its many benefits.


For to feel good in his body and making sport a real pleasure, the main thing is to find an activity that suits you. Brisk walking, running, muscle building, cycling or swimming, do not hesitate to try several sports to find the one that will make you vibrate and make you want to continue. To reinforce the benefits of sport on the mind, also favor activities such as yoga, tai chi or qi-gong: gentle activities, they reduce stress. An ideal combo to feel better in your body every day!


Take some time for yourself !


Feel good in your body, take time for yourself


Summer vacations are generally the best time to take the time to indulge in some peaceful moments, enjoy the sun and recharge your batteries before starting back to school.

Indispensable to feel good in your body, these moments of well-being must be savored without guilt, by disabling emails and other notifications to take full advantage of them. Stress reinforces the feeling of ill-being that one can have in relation to his body, and very often leads to unbalanced eating behaviors such as cravings for sugar, which does not help to feel good.

We therefore take the time to do activities that do us good, for example by practicing meditation, reading personal development books or by booking a massage to reactivate blood circulation and come to terms with his body.


Summer body: freeing oneself from diktats


Last tip for a summer body at the top this summer: we free ourselves from diktats! Whether through social networks, magazines or advertisements, everything is done to “force” us to follow a well-defined program in order to achieve the perfect body this summer.


These injunctions usually have a very negative effect on those exposed to them, as a recent study by the app revealed. Feeleat. According to the survey, 69% of French feel media pressure to lose weight before summer, and 76% claimed that this pressure has an impact on how they manage their diet. Another interesting figure: 86% of French people feel pressure around the notion of the “perfect body”!


Feel good in your body, it is also to ignore injunctions issued by society, but also by our professional or personal entourage. In addition to thinness, we also find this type of injunctions concerning hair removal or tanning. Learn to free yourself from the eyes of others, not to be influenced by the often edited and filtered photos of social networks or advertisements that do not show reality.


A perfect summer body is above all a body that you learn to accept, with all its peculiarities!



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