Between professional demands, daily constraints, social pressure and the culture of the moment, your agendas are so overloaded that letting go has become extremely complicated. As a result of chasing time, many people even feel guilty for doing nothing! Faced with this observation, adopting slow life will allow you to slow down to regain (finally!) Control of your existence.


The “slow life” movement, késako?

slow life definition


Initiated at the end of the 80s, the slow life movement has only really been talked about for a few years. In a society increasingly geared towards productivity, success and the pursuit of goals, we tend to forget the essential: our well-being!

Stress of public transport, professional and personal stress, we have the feeling that we must always be on top, and in all areas of our life to be happy. This perfection being difficult to achieve, we feel guilty and constantly have the impression of chasing time, or losing time if we take the trouble to slow down our pace!


The slow movement aims to slow down, and to help us develop our awareness of the present moment, by giving more space to our emotions and our feelings instead of seeking to accumulate more and more material goods and experiences.


Why get into slow life and become more zen?


Fully enjoy every moment of life

slow life enjoy life


In a society where speed has become the new norm, the imposed pace can sometimes seem difficult to keep up. Stop for a moment to look at the world around you. You'll notice that a lot of people don't really take the time to take advantage. On the contrary, whether it is for driving, eating, talking or any other activity, people almost always choose speed.


Suddenly, each action is timed, planned and organized down to the smallest detail to be able to quickly follow up while reducing downtime. Fortunately, we are still all masters of our own destiny!


Slowing down the pace allows focus on the present moment and the little things we rarely pay attention to. On a daily basis, this means becoming more aware of the things and people around us and that we experience as:

 - savor the moments we spend with our loved ones;

- admire the landscape for as long as we wish;

- relearn the pleasure of eating by adopting the slow food ;

- enrich our trips and immerse ourselves in the local culture thanks to slow tourism ...


    Better preserve your physical and mental health with slow life

    slow life to improve your health


    Fatigue, stress, anxiety, migraine, stomach aches, minor injuries, but also burn-out and serious accidents: so many risks that we run when daily stress invades us and we can no longer keep pace, caught up in the hustle and bustle of our daily activities.


     Applied daily, the slow life appears as the ideal means of preserving one's physical and mental integrity. Indeed, doing things at your own pace allows you to stay calm, gain serenity, reduce pressure, and reduce the risk of injury. In this sense, you can try to practice meditation to clear your mind and maintain your mental balance. If this does not suit you, other activities such as music, reading, sport where the walks can help you to externalize your thoughts to have the brain always fresh and available!


    Along the same lines, do not neglect the importance of a good sleep to keep fit, if necessary by adopting our food supplement stress and sleep to help you relax.


    Discover our article: How to get to sleep quickly?


    Be more fulfilled in your daily life


    As previously explained, slow down your pace of life allows you to fully enjoy things, while preserving your health. This therefore naturally leads to a better blossoming daily. Indeed, by going slower and being less stressed, it becomes much easier to focus on the essential. Thus, people who adopt slow life are generally more positive, more zen, more voluntary, more in tune with their values ​​and above all more open to others. In short, they are generally happier!


    Gain both efficiency and creativity

    slow life and creativity

    " There is no point running ; we must leave on time. As Jean de la Fontaine wrote in his famous fables. But, what does this sentence really mean? Quite simply, doing things right takes patience, and you don't have to be in a hurry to be effective. Conversely, by lowering your pace and focusing on one action, you will keep your mind clear and increase your thinking ability. You will then become more focused on what you are doing and can make better decisions. In short, you will gain in efficiency and naturally boost your creativity !


    Become a more responsible consumer


    Adopt the slow life, it is also making the choice to become a more responsible consumer. For example, why not adopt slow food and focus on short circuits for shopping? You could take the time to discover local producers and select your food wisely. This would also allow you to contribute to the promotion of regional products and the development of the territory's economy, while being respectful of the environment.


    Moreover, this state of mind is not only about food. The slow fashion movement proposes to apply the same principles with clothing, while the slow cosmetic encourages people to become more responsible in their consumption of beauty and hygiene products. Finally, to reduce your ecological footprint, switch to slow travel by choosing less polluting modes of travel. For example, forget the car in town and opt for the bike instead. Also consider public transport and avoid internal theft as much as possible!


    Ready to take on the adventure?

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