Do you tend to recall your past memories and pain? Can your emotionality sometimes be heightened? Getting to sleep is complicated? There is one thing in common: a possible mismanagement of your emotions! The EFT method can help you to better manage these inconveniences through emotional release techniques.


What is the EFT method?


what is the method


Origin and principles


La EFT method was discovered by a doctor of psychology: Roger Callahan. This emotional release technique (Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT) came to him through the combination of his knowledge of psychology and Chinese medicine. During a consultation with a patient to relieve her of a phobia, he decides to stimulate an acupuncture point. He asks her to pat a point under the eye at the same time as she talks to him about her pain. Little by little, the pains from which she suffers disappear, and at the end of the session, her phobia has disappeared, never to return!


EFT is therefore a psychoenergetic therapeutic method. It is favored by the energy of the body, emotions and sensations. It's a harmonization of body and mind which can allow you to get out of your usual patterns which make you constantly reproduce the same behaviors. You realize that these behaviors are bad for you, yet you cannot get rid of them.


La EFT method can help you change. It assumes that any negative emotion generates an energy disturbance. This can influence your actions, thoughts, behavior, and even your health. To relieve you, the EFT method therefore offers you stimulate acupuncture points by tapping them or by massaging them with your fingers. At the same time, you must accurately explain your emotions, feelings or thoughts in relation to your problem for it to be effective.


The benefits of the EFT method


benefits of the eft method 

The EFT method can have several fields of application:


  • It is beneficial for free yourself from negative emotions like fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, phobia, etc. ;
  • She allows to regain self-confidence to speak in public, prepare for an exam, or quite simply in everyday life;
  • She can relieve physical problems like migraines, allergies, stress, pain, etc. ;
  • It helps to get rid of addictions or dependencies (tobacco, alcohol, food compulsion, etc.).

EFT is also effective if you want improve your cognitive performance (for learning a language for example). However, in some cases the EFT method will never replace medical advice. It simply represents a simple and natural solution to act in support and help you find serenity!


How to use EFT to better manage your emotions?


method against stress


The EFT method offers you to tap or massage acupuncture points. These points are located on the twelve meridians of your body. During a EFT session, 15 of these points are used to stimulate your energy system. The therapist is there to guide your speech and build the dialogue.


There are also routines for practicing EFT alone. It is necessary to know two cycles, called rounds, of tapping to perform:


  • The short round : Start by tapping the outer corner of your eye, then the inner corner, then under the eye, under the nose, on the chin, on the collarbone, under the arm and finally under the breast.
  • The big round : start by tapping the karate point (the edge of your hand), then the outer corner of your fingernails on each finger (starting with the thumb) and end with the scale point (between the nerves of the ring finger and the little finger).



You have the possibility learn to better manage your emotions thanks to EFT. To do this, start by visualizing the emotion that is bothering you and focus on it by locating it in your body. Then perform the short round, followed by the big round repeating to yourself: " even though i * quote the emotion that bothers you * i love and accept myself as i am ". If possible, find the reason for the emotion while continuing the rounds. On your last lap, replace negative emotion by what you would prefer to feel and end on a positive note.


If you want to practice EFT alone, there are many Youtube videos available to guide you!


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