It's the beginning of January, so it's only natural to want to start the year on a high note, right? For this, you may have made the resolution to pay attention to your diet ... What if this year you chose not to follow yet another miracle diet but rather to find a healthy relationship with food? This is what we are offering you today in this second resolution of the year by practicing intuitive eating. How? 'Or' What ? We'll tell you more right now!


What is intuitive eating?


practice intuitive eating


Intuitive eating is an approach to eating developed in the 90s by American nutritionists Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. Intuitive eating is based on reject the restrictive mindset of dieting. On the contrary, it invites us to honor our hunger and our food cravings and to encourage each individual to make peace with all food. In itself, intuitive eating is an approach that requireslisten to your body and follow your intuition. Because if each of us has this intuition deep within him, he has certainly lost it in today's society ... But it can be found by making peace with food and by following the main principles of intuitive eating!


Why practice intuitive eating


The vicious circle of weight loss diets 


diet and cognitive restriction


Today, science has shown what the two American nutritionists suspected at the time: weight loss diets are doomed to fail.

Indeed, according to a study conducted by theANSES in 2010, more than 90% of people who followed a slimming diet regain the lost weight or even more, in the years following the end of the diet (the famous “yo-yo effect”). In question ? Metabolic disturbances and restriction induced during the diet.


Indeed, on the one hand, when we restrict ourselves, we consciously limit the choice of our foods and / or we control the caloric value of foods to maintain or lose weight. Foods are generally classified into two categories: the good and the bad. The good can be consumed as we see fit and the bad should be avoided. But by establishing a taboo on a food, it causes the opposite effect to that desired since it thus becomes more attractive. Control promotes loss of control.


On the other hand, by depriving the body of energy, diets with too much calorie restriction lead to slowing down of our metabolism. That is to say that our body, receiving less energy, will go into “economy” mode and will then burn fewer calories. This leads to a weight regainas soon as the diet is stopped, or at the slightest deviation.


Reconcile with your body and your diet


In contrast to drastic diets, intuitive eating therefore encourages break the vicious circle of restriction, in order to have a healthier relationship with food, to eat well every day, and this without getting frustrated. It finally starts from the postulate that the value that we must attribute to food is certainly nutritional but also psychological, sensory and cultural. She is in this sense uninhibited since she does not maintain a relationship of deprivation or frustration vis-à-vis food. Result: we listen to our body, we feel happier and more dynamic!


How to practice intuitive eating?


The 10 principles of intuitive eating


the principles of intuitive eating


1. Reject the diet mentality


Fad diets do not exist. The latter touted by the media are ineffective or even dangerous in the long term


2. Honor your hunger 


Listening to your hunger is above all listen to your body and be attentive to their needs. Intuitive eating invites us to trust our body and to respect the signals it sends us (which we have sometimes ignored for a long time).


3. Make peace with food


By thinking too much about what we eat and faced with the hammering of weight loss diets, we sometimes tend to view food as our enemy. Intuitive eating invites us to make peace with all foods to finally savor each meal with kindness.


4. Stop categorizing foods


Remove sugar, avoid fat food should be banned. In fact, the restriction often leads to inordinate mental fixation and may even lead to develop eating disorders. So give yourself permission to eat what makes you happy and appreciate what makes you happy. It does not mean either "eating without limits, it's all about moderation!"


5. Respect your satiety signals


As soon as we have eaten enough, our body sends us a satiety signal allowing us to end the meal. Then watch for signs that you are full. But also keep in mind that it's perfectly normal and normal to eat beyond fullness sometimes, so don't “punish” yourself for it, just watch, without judgment.


6- (Re) discover the pleasure of eating


Intuitive Eating considers food more than just a collection of calories, carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins. Eating is also individual and collective pleasure


7- Understand your “emotional hunger”


Boredom, anger, loneliness ... emotions that can often lead us to comfort us with comfort foods (comfort food, in English) which are very generally very fatty-sweet-salty. Eating out of emotion is a natural behavior, it becomes problematic when we use food for run away from our emotions because only partially solves the problem. Intuitive eating invites us to observe, become aware of these automatisms, to accept them to finally attenuate them naturally and gradually.


8. Respect your body 


We're all supposed to be different, aren't we? Every body deserves respect and dignity, always. Learn to to love yourself and limit permanent body dissatisfaction, a key foundation of intuitive eating that reminds us to love us as we are.


9. Move, with pleasure


Find a activity that makes us happy without necessarily telling ourselves that this will serve to eliminate our morning croissant but that it will also allow us to feel better about ourselves and in better shape every day !


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10. Take care of your health


This is the last pillar of intuitive eating: health! When we end up being real listening to your body and that we follow our intuition so we eat foods that are good for our taste buds and our health. Without going into the obsession with “health food”!


5 Instagram accounts to follow to help you practice intuitive eating and reconcile with your body


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cindy gagnol intuitive eating 



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intuitive diet nutritionist




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