As we have just celebrated the New Year, it is high time to learn to take life on the bright side. Faced with the vagaries of life and the economic, health and social environment in perpetual movement and more and more uncertain, positive thinking ensures to keep a mind of steel. More optimistic, thanks to positive thinking, everyone can start a new page in their life on new foundations.


Positive thinking: what is it?


positive thinking definition


La Positive thought has a direct impact on health capital and on psychological state. Indeed, this dose of optimism is highlighted through the Coué method. The persuasive force of the mind is such that people who practice these personal development tips are in better shape. By making a habit of repeating positive sentences, the effects are demonstrated. Better equipped to deal with daily annoyances, practitioners generally feel happier.


However, we must differentiate between positive thinking and positive psychology. Indeed, the first is to focus only on the good side of things. If doubts or annoyances arise, they are quickly chased away by pleasant ideas and a real joy of life. The positive psychology, on the other hand, is to determine the factors that can make people happy. This learning of happiness can seem complex, unlike positive thinking which is within everyone's reach.


What are the benefits of positive thinking?


Positive thinking is not about veiling your face. Several health professionals explain instead that this benevolent mode of operation is based on a new perception of reality which brings many benefits:


Significantly reduce stress


By understanding that a situation does not define its existence, each person can take a step back and put it into perspective. By learning to no longer focus on failures but with small successes, the feeling of frustration evaporates. The tensions are less strong and the stress disappears. When we put a kindly gaze on oneself and those around him, it is much easier to accept things. Stress is no longer useful in a reality where perfection is no longer a goal in itself. By letting go, ruminations are no longer useful. On the contrary, they are replaced by positive affirmations, which can be practiced in the morning, for example as part of the miracle morning.


Fight against burn-out


In the same vein, positive thinking in the workplace avoids feeling drowned under pressure. There are also many managers who promote it through seminars or coaching. Practice positive thinking is the key to no longer feeling overwhelmed by a situation. By being fully aware of one's real abilities, confidence is boosted. However, team members are able to communicate their limits to their management to maintain their effectiveness.


Promote sleep

 positive psychology for better sleep


By chasing away negative ideas, the phase of falling asleep is much faster. After having had a satisfying day, it is indeed easier to find restful sleep by eliminating ruminations or worrying about the next day. Over the course of practice, stress which is one of the most frequently encountered factors in sleep disorders also tends to reduce significantly, thus improving the quality of sleep in the long term.


Better overall health


Beyond sleep, see the bright side helps regulate blood pressure, reduce anxiety and fatigue. The body and the spirit are therefore better with this new resolution! The psychological well-being obtained would even be a formidable weapon against depression, and would also improve relationships with our friends, family or work partners. Happiness is also contagious, so it's a good way to help start the year on a more positive note.


How to practice positive thinking on a daily basis?


To adopt this new way of life, a daily rhythm is often necessary. In this case, taking breaks allows you to let go of the ballast and refocus on the essential.


Several times during the day, positive thoughts must be favored. In the morning when you wake up, this new habit allows you to start a beautiful day. The evening before going to bed, they take stock of the positive things that have happened. While moments of doubts and failures are legitimate, there is no need to stay focused on them. On the contrary, each person who wishes to adopt this mode of operation will seek to remember moments of happiness.


In this sense, holding a gratitude journal is a great idea. Every victory, happy moment or source of joy is written in this notebook. Then, it will be nice to tap into it to find your balance. If life is not constantly positive, this method is a reminder that it also consists of many moments to celebrate!


positive psychology routine


This method also advises to try toavoid focusing constantly on the gaps or the disappointments in his life. On the contrary, it is much more interesting to project oneself, to get out of your comfort zone and know how to seize new opportunities. Achievements are rewarding and great for morale and self-confidence.


altruism is also a path to favor, because taking care of others is rewarding. Awareness of other people's problems allows you to put your own in perspective. So let's cultivate notions of benevolence, compassion and empathy for this new Year !


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