Long, short, square or oval ... our nails have more than an aesthetic side: they are also a reflection of our state of health! Overview of the most effective ingredients and nutrients to help you have beautiful nails naturally.

Nails, an indicator of our state of health


Have beautiful nails


We don't necessarily know, but the primary role of our nails is to provide us with protection against attack external like shocks. They also make it easier for us to grab small objects, and make the skin at our fingertips more resistant.


 The condition of our nails and their color can indicate a change in our health general. Striations, breakage, duplication ... these manifestations can reflect stress, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance or even an unbalanced diet.


- brittle nails are for example often the consequence of an unbalanced diet, just like the soft nails which can alert us to a possible protein deficiency. A yellow color is often present in smokers, due to the nicotine contained in cigarettes.


The too frequent use of false nails or semi-permanent varnish without making breaks between each application also has an impact on the quality of our nails.


For have beautiful nails, a balanced lifestyle is the most important element. Cosmetic products such as hardening or whitening varnishes can be useful from an aesthetic point of view, but do not make it possible to treat the cause. It is therefore essential to review our lifestyle, especially in terms of our diet, focusing on ingredients that are beneficial to the health and beauty of our nails.


What are the ingredients to favor to have beautiful nails naturally?



Vitamins for nails


First ingredient to favor on a daily basis for have beautiful nails : vitamins!


Among the many vitamins essential for the optimal functioning of our organism are 3 vitamins particularly interesting for taking care of our nails: biotin, vitamin C and vitamin B6.


La biotin , Also called vitamin B8 plays an important role in the renewal of our skin cells, but also in our nails and hair. This is why we have chosen to integrate it into the composition of our beauty food supplement!

It also helps to strengthen the resistance of the nails and to fight against soft or brittle nails. On the food side, it can be found in eggs, nuts or even white meats and certain fruits such as apple or orange.


La vitamin B6 will be interesting to strengthen the action of other vitamins. By stimulating the metabolism of amino acids, the building blocks of our hair and nails, it contributes like vitamin B8 to strengthen our nails in a natural way.


Finally, the vitamin C is essential for making collagen, the basic cement of our nails, but also of our hair and teeth. Not synthesized by the body, vitamin C must be provided to us by food (mainly fruits and vegetables) or by taking food supplements.


Zinc and iron

 Trace element present in trace amounts in our organism, the zinc contribute to stimulate protein making, including keratin and collagen, which make up our skin and hair. Zinc is mainly found in seafood, oysters, whole grains, dairy products and meat.


 Indispensable for ensuring optimal growth of our hair and nails, iron is one of the nutrients to integrate into our beauty diet. An iron deficiency can indeed cause a change in the shape of the nails and their appearance. 



 Last ingredients to favor to have beautiful nails : the proteins ! Made up of amino acids like methionine and cysteine, they stimulate the synthesis of keratin, which naturally strengthens our nails. Proteins are found mainly in meat, eggs and fish, which is why vegans can have particularly brittle nails.


Cosmetic ingredients: focus on vegetable oils and aloe vera


Aloe vera benefits


For have beautiful nails, cosmetic treatments are also important to help strengthen them, ensure good hydration and contribute to their resistance.


We will therefore favor natural care, devoid as much as possible of chemical substances and formulated with vegetable oils rich in fatty acids to provide our nails with all the nutrients they need.


Among the ideal vegetable oils to use on the skin we can cite sweet almond oil,Castor oil and jojoba oil. They will also allow you to take care of your hands! 


Another natural asset to favor to contribute to the beauty of your nails:aloe vera. In addition to vegetable oils, it hydrates the skin and cuticles, and has antibacterial, antiseptic and healing properties.


Applied as a gel on the hands, aloe vera instantly penetrates the skin and leaves no greasy residue. It can therefore be easily used every day.


To contribute to the beauty of the skin, nails and hair, we offer our beauty food supplement. Formulated with zinc, biotin, vitamin B6 and hyaluronic acid, it contains a combination of the best active ingredients to help promote the growth of hair and nails and strengthen them naturally.

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