Stress, sleep, lack of vitality ... dietary supplements can help you maintain good health, in combination with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Find out why to use it and how to take a dietary supplement to reap its benefits.


What is a dietary supplement?


As the name suggests, a dietary supplement serves to supplement our daily diet, often unbalanced due to multiple factors.

It aims to provide your body with a number of nutrients: trace elements, vitamins, minerals or even plant extracts, to contribute to its functioning.

Food supplements come in many forms: in capsules, tablets, in the form of an oral solution, in powder or in gummies, as at Les Miraculeux !


gummies of food supplements in the form of candy


To take as a cure from several weeks to several months, these supplements must supplement a balanced diet, and not replace it. The compliance with dosages and contraindications is essential for the product to provide all the expected benefits, and to avoid any risk of overdose or adverse effects.


Why take food supplements?


Overcome a sometimes unbalanced diet


As'physical activity and a healthy lifestyle,food is one of the essential pillars to help you stay healthy.


Our current rhythms of life do not always allow us to eat healthy and balanced, especially during office lunches. The stress, the bane of our modern society, also plays a very important role in the assimilation of the nutrients that you ingest through the foods you eat.


The growing number of deficiencies that we experience at some point in our life are also linked tosoil depletion. Cultivation methods, food processing, conservation and transport affect their energy potential. For example, it is estimated that we should eat nearly 20 oranges now to find the nutrients present in an orange dating from 1950!


Take food supplements in cure can thus be judicious to help you reach the recommended daily nutritional intake in vitamins, trace elements and minerals.


Act in support of the organization in specific situations


food supplement to reduce daily discomfort


Pregnant women, seniors, athletes or vegetarians, food supplements can also be consumed during certain periods of life when the need for nutrients is greater or more targeted. The pregnant women for example will need more vitamin B9, iron or calcium during pregnancy. The vegetarians they may need to supplement with vitamin B12, which is mainly found in foods of animal origin.


It can also happen that you also feel more tired, more anxious, or that you experience problems sleeping during certain times of the year. Food supplements can act in support here, and thus help you to keep in shape or to find a more serene mind.


What food supplement to take?


If self-medication is possible when it comes to supplementation, we recommend that you talk to your doctor. In particular, this will prescribe a blood test in order to properly determine any deficiencies, and then be able to help you choose food supplements the most suitable. If it is also possible tocombine several food supplements, find out beforehand about any interactions, and limit the number of food supplements you take at the same time (no more than 3).




Essential for the proper functioning of your body, most of the vitamins with the exception of vitamin D cannot be synthesized by your body, and therefore needs to be provided by food or by food supplements. We will thus find mainly in the supplements the vitamin C to help stimulate the natural defenses, vitamins of group B to help the nervous system function, vitamin A or the Vitamin E, with antioxidant properties.


Minerals and trace elements


Like vitamins, minerals and trace elements help keep you healthy. Many people are prone to mineral and trace element deficiencies, especially iron and magnesium, especially in women. Each trace element brings specific properties to your body: zinc for the beauty of the skin, calcium and copper for the bones as well as selenium for the maintenance of nails and hair.


Amino acids and fatty acids


Omega-3 for cardiovascular well-being, l-glutamine for bodybuilding athletes or even l-theanine for relaxation, amino acids and fatty acids are also found a lot in the formulation of food supplements.

They are mainly useful in case of one-off or targeted needs.


Plants and plant extracts


herbal food supplements


In addition to essential nutrients for health, there are also many active ingredients from herbal medicine in food supplements. The plants and plant extracts indeed have multiple properties, complementary to the nutrients essential for your well-being. Goji berries and guarana for tone and vitality, eschscholzia and melissa for stress and sleep or queen of the meadows for joint comfort, the benefits of plants are no longer to be proven!


Our range of food supplements Les Miraculeux


At les Miraculeux, our mission is to help you feel better every day, by acting on your well-being and your balance. We have designed 3 (+2 coming soon!) Ranges of compléments alimentaires sous forme de bonbon, pour que complément alimentaire rime avec plaisir. Nos gummies savoureux, réduits en sucres et agréables à manger contiennent des associations ciblées de plantes, de vitamines et d'oligo-éléments pour vous aider à retrouver le sommeil, maintenir la beauté de votre peau et de vos cheveux ou améliorer votre énergie quand vous en ressentez le besoin. 


A new fun and gourmet way to take care of yourself!



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