Like the skin or the organs, the hair is subjected to multiple attacks on a daily basis. They are exposed to pollution, to sometimes aggressive multiple hair care and to toxins that we absorb via food or our environment. In order to preserve the health of your hair and scalp, hair detox can be interesting to perform when the need arises. But what does it actually consist of? We help you see more clearly!


What is a hair detox?


Make a hair detox


Imported from Asia, the  hair detox aims to eliminate toxins, impurities and residues of care products accumulated in the scalp and hair.


This is to restore healthy scalp, promote natural hair growth and improve the health of the latter. Indeed, the hair absorbs the elements introduced internally and externally. We can therefore find pesticides or metals present in food in their composition.


Hair detox acts as a deep cleaning. It also helps restore micro-circulation in the scalp and eliminate excess sebum, especially in the case of oily hair.


Doing a hair detox can also be recommended when you want to opt for more natural care products. We then remove all the synthetic residues (silicones, mineral oils, traces of chemical coloring, etc.) from the scalp and hair fiber to start on a healthier basis.


The benefits of hair detox


Very trendy at the moment, hair detox owes its popularity to its many benefits. It is indeed suitable for all types of hair, and allows you to start on healthy bases as when you perform a detox cure for our body.


The use of conventional care products, especially styling care, sometimes leaves chemical or synthetic residues which can eventually suffocate the scalp. Detoxifying your hair will help you remove these residues, naturally purify your hair and may also be recommended for removing dandruff.


Once the hair detox is done, the scalp will be healthier and breathe better. This will facilitate the application of hair care and the penetration of the active ingredients into the scalp in order to benefit from their properties in an optimal manner.


What products to use and how to do it?

Hair care

To proceed effectively, several hair care treatments must be combined with complementary effects. In order not to contribute to overloading the scalp and the hair fiber, we will favor natural products, without synthetic ingredients. Here is an example of a hair routine to detoxify your hair:

  1. Proceed with the application of a scrub or exfoliant treatment adapted to your hair type, applying the product with your fingertips and massaging your scalp in circular movements;
  2. Then apply a clay-based mask, from lengths to ends, to naturally and effectively detoxify your scalp. You can buy a ready-made mask, or make a recipe yourself according to your needs.
  3.  Then make your shampoo to remove the scrub and mask. Then finish your hair detox routine by applying a moisturizer, to nourish and hydrate your hair. Rinse and dry your hair as usual.


Hair detox: how often?

Hair detox


The hair types vary according to the individual. As such, the frequency of carrying out a hair detox varies depending on the nature of your hair and scalp.


It is advisable to perform care once a month if you have dry hair or a sensitive scalp, once or twice a month if you have normal hair, and weekly if you have oily hair.

Hair detox can also be done when you feel that your hair is no longer as usual, if it tends to regrease more quickly or if it becomes drier and harder to style.


It is however not recommended to carry out a hair detox in case of lesions in the scalp. When you have done a coloring, it is also recommended to wait a few weeks before performing the detox treatments.


Food supplements to the rescue of your hair!


To be healthy, your hair needs adapted nutrients and regular care, adapted to your hair type.

To help you have beautiful hair et promote their growth, we imagined a beauty food supplement to take care of your hair but also your skin.


In the form of gummies for a pleasant and easy grip, it contains a combination of vitamins, zinc and hyaluronic acid to promote hair growth and contribute to their revitalization.

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