The summer period is ideal for resting, taking the time to recharge your batteries and get down to personal development to get off to a good start at the start of the school year! In addition to personal development books, podcasts are a simple way to broaden your horizons and learn new things. Discover our selection now.


Our selection of wellness podcasts to discover this summer


the best wellness podcasts for this summer


1. Metamorphosis - awaken your consciousness - Anne Ghesquière


metamorphosis podcast awaken your well-being consciousness


Podcast launched in January 2019 by Anne Ghesquière, creator of the magazine Femininbio, “Metamorphosis, awaken your consciousness” is a podcast focused on the themes of well-being and positivity. Every week, each episode lasting 30 to 40 minutes takes you to discover a new theme, the objective of which is toassociate body, mind and heart. The speakers are varied and offer a new perspective on the subject at hand. We find there in particular personalities like Laurent Gounelle (famous writer author of the bestseller: "The man who wanted to be happy"), Florence Servan-Schreiber (specialist in positive psychology) or Christophe André (famous psychiatrist and author become in France the voice of mindfulness meditation).


Un “feel good” podcast to listen to without moderation this summer!


Metamorphosis - Awaken your consciousness - Anne Ghesquière


2. A healthier and more serene life - Chloé Bloom


Better Life Podcast with Chloe Bloom


Holistic mentor, business coach and creator of wellness retreats, Chloe bloom daily guides you towards a healthier and more serene life. Each episode lasting 15 to 30 minutes takes you gently on the path of personal development, through different themes whose goal is to help you make you feel better in your body and mind, but also to improve your communication with the people around you. Women's cycle, burn-out, gratitude, couple relationship ... the themes are varied and suitable for everyone.


The little extra: Chloé gives us the opportunity to download the notes of each episode, useful for taking action and concretely improving our daily lives.


A healthier and more serene life - Chloe Bloom


3. PsychoShot - MindCraft

psychoshot wellness podcast


Ideal for those in a hurry, PsychoShot offers very short episodes of 5 to 10 minutes to help you discover the world of human psychology and help you achieve your goals. Every Thursday, the episodes tackle topical issues or current issues (stress, conflicts, luck, happiness…) to improve your thinking, see your life differently and bring you a little more well-being on a daily basis. We like: the community side of the podcast, where we can send our questions directly to the creators and share our best practices and tips with others.


Un podcast for summer to savor in peace, by the pool or at the beach!


Psychoshot - MindCraft


4. Vlan - Gregory Pouy


gregory pouy vlan wellness podcast


Cultural analyst, speaker and author, Gregory Pouy takes you every week to meet a current topic, highlighted with the point of view of a speaker: illustrators, journalists, philosophers ...Vlan, it's a podcast that helps you better understand our society and its current issues. Self-confidence, meditation, resilience, ecology ... the topics covered are varied and make us think about our world and our future.


An inspiring and enjoyable podcast to listen to!


Vlan - Gregory Pouy


5. In the Pear! - Charles Brumauld


podcast wellness nutrition in the pear


Created by a young dietician nutritionist and journalist, “In the Pear! " is a very recent podcast whose objective is to teach you how to eat better, but also to improve your level of well-being and your daily shape. Far from the scientific and “boring” side that we often find in the field of nutrition, Charles offers varied and topical themes. approached in a fun way and humorous to help us take a closer look at the art of eating well in all circumstances. A podcast to follow!


In the Pear! - Charles Brumauld


6. Happy Work - Gaël Chatelain Berry


happy work wellness podcast


The holidays are (already?) Over, and it's time for you to go back to work? Do not panic ! Former manager at Tf1, Canal + or even NRJ, Gaël Chatelais Berry gives you the keys to find the path to work filled with positivity to start this new school year on the right foot. Telework, benevolence, motivation, credibility, productivity or even emotions ... episodes of Happy Work podcast deal with all subjects directly or indirectly related to well-being at work, without the hassle.


Happy Work - Gaël Chatelain Berry



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