Having a deep and restful sleep, without insomnia or nocturnal awakenings is one of the main concerns of the French! Creating a ritual is essential to promote good quality sleep and to go to bed rested. Discover our selection of 5 sleep apps to help you sleep well and make it easier to fall asleep.


Why use apps to improve sleep?


app to promote sleep


As you know, good quality sleep involves adopting a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and a stress-free lifestyle. Many apps to sleep well are now available on Android and iPhone to help you fall asleep, better understand and follow your sleep cycles or simply relax before bedtime.


If they do not represent a miracle solution to better sleep, these sleep apps are easy and fun to use. They can also replace the (bad) habit we have of checking our emails or social networks before sleeping, by replacing it with a gentler activity and less blue light generator, which disrupts the production of melatonin.


Our top 5 sleep apps for good sleep!


1 Relax Melodies


application sleep relax melodies

Ideal to use before sleeping, the application Relax Melodies is one of the most popular applications to make it easier to fall asleep and benefit from a more restful sleep. In the free version, the app offers many features: listening to soothing sounds (nature, sea, rain, etc.) to combine them according to your desires, guided meditations and audio stories or even breathing techniques are also waiting for you. A complete app, which will adapt to all preferences and desires according to your mood of the day.


WE love : fairly varied guided meditations, which respond to the most common issues such as stress and anxiety, and the possibility of simply learning about personal development techniques like visualization or gratitude. We also appreciate the possibility of creating our own combinations of sounds to find the melody that will work best and allow us to fall more easily into the arms of Morpheus!


2. Sleep Cycle


sleep cycle sleep application

To understand how to sleep better, it may be interesting analyze your sleep cycles beforehand. This is the mission of the application Sleep Cycle ! It helps you better understand how you sleep by identifying your bedtime and waking times, but also by analyzing the different phases of your sleep (light, paradoxical, deep). The app uses innovative technology that studies vibrations, sounds and movements that you perform when you sleep, and wake you up at the most convenient time for you based on the sleep cycle you are in to help start your day on the right foot. Sleep Cycle is offered in a free or paid version with a subscription of 29 € / year to monitor your sleep over the long term, analyze your snoring and measure your heart rate.


WE love : the possibility of knowing better the sleep cycles and being able to wake up more easily!


3. Meditopia


meditopia sleep app

In recent years, the meditation has become very trendy, and many applications are popping up on the app stores! Meditopia stands out from its competitors by a very large catalog of more than 1000 meditation sessions classified by categories to suit everyone's needs. To promote restful sleep, the app offers nearly 30 meditations accompanied by breathing, relaxation and visualization exercises to facilitate falling asleep. We also find in Meditopia stories for sleep, which will help you not to think about the day that has just passed, nor that of the next day! More than one app to sleep well, Meditopia is positioned as a real tool for personal development in its own right.


WE love : the possibility of activating the “dark” mode of the application to reduce the brightness of the screen and help relaxation. We also appreciate the positive and inspirational quotes as well as the journal to be able to follow your progress day after day!


4. Kardia


kardia sleep app

Based on the principle of cardiac coherence, the Kardia app available on the App Store et Google Play will help you sleep well by promoting relaxation at bedtime. One of the most effective techniques for getting to sleep faster is relaxation and breathing exercises. With Kardia, you take a few minutes to breathe to the rhythm of a sphere that tells you when to inhale, and when to cycle out. Let yourself be carried away by the accompanying sounds to chase away your parasitic thoughts and become more aware of your breathing!


WE love : versatile app, Kardia will be a good ally to help sleep better but also to promote concentration or better manage your emotions on a daily basis. We also appreciate the possibility of adapting to our free time, with sessions from 1 minute to 1 hour, as well as the fact of not having to look at the screen to follow the session, which is convenient for falling asleep!


5. My Sleep Coach


my sleep coach app for sleeping

Launched in 2016 by the Morphée network specializing in the management of sleep disorders, the application My Sleep Coach 100% Free is, as the name suggests, an app designed to help you improve the quality of your sleep. With just a few clicks, you can define your work and rest hours as well as your wake-up time. The application alerts you when the ideal bedtime is approaching according to the data you have entered beforehand and gives you personalized tips and advice as the days go by.


WE love : the reward system that motivates us to stick to our ideal sleep time; and the sleep tracker which gives us insight into our “sleep debt”.


Our sleep food supplement to help you sleep better


To help you relax and fall asleep more easily, we have designed a sleep food supplement in the form of gummies, easy and pleasant to take. Formulated with melatonin, melissa, de california poppy and l-theanine, this food supplement contains the best natural active ingredients to help you sleep better and relax.


Discover also our selection of podcasts to promote sleep et fight against stress, to listen to in association with our selection of sleep apps!




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