Every year, it's the same thing: your hair grows in summer, then inevitably falls out when autumn arrives ... If this phenomenon is natural, it can cause stress and affect your morale. Discover our tips to limit hair loss in fall and naturally promote hair regrowth!


What is a hair made of?


A hair is made up of two parts: the root, which contains the bulb, and the hair shaft, which is made up of dead cells. Our hair is mainly made up of keratin, a protein that contains amino acids like cysteine, and melanin, which gives them their color.


Every day we lose a certain percentage of hair, which is renewed naturally. When an imbalance occurs, the hair loss may be more important than regrowth, this is particularly the case in autumn, when the hair loss are quite common!

Why does our hair fall out in the fall?


fight against hair loss


In the fall, our hair may fall out 2 to 4 times more than the rest of the year, which can sometimes be worrying when we find a lot of hairs on our brush or the bathroom floor! But don't panic: losing hair during this period is normal.


Indeed, during the summer period, our hair tends to grow faster because of the sun and the heat. However, part of the hair arrives “at the end of its life” in September and October, which explains their loss according to certain studies. Other aggravating factors such as fatigue, the stress of the recovery or the change of season are added to this phenomenon.


If you have thin hair and lack vitality, this seasonal fall can become a real problem and affect your morale. The normal duration of hair loss that can last between 4 to 6 weeks, you can set up certain habits to naturally limit their fall and promote their regrowth.


How to limit hair loss in autumn?


Change your hair routine


hair loss care


If the moment of shampooing can be scary during hair loss, it remains essential to eliminate the sebum and the accumulated dead cells which risk suffocating the hair. Opt for a mild shampoo, to be carried out once or twice a week, formulated with natural ingredients so as not to further attack the hair. Limit the use of styling products and brush them regularly to stimulate blood circulation and remove dead hair as you go.


For stimulate regrowth and limit hair loss, we also advise you to carry out a oil bath Once a week, using vegetable oils like castor oil and mustard oil. Leave for 1 hour on the scalp, these vegetable oils with the addition of 1 to 2 drops of essential oils of rosemary, Bay St Thomas or ylang-ylang will naturally stimulate growth in addition to purifying your scalp and helping to rebalance sebum production.


You can also take advantage of the application of this treatment or your shampoo to perform scalp massage for several minutes to facilitate the penetration of active ingredients and activate microcirculation. Your hair will thank you!


Adapt your diet to limit hair loss in autumn


Certain nutrient-dense foods like zinc, magnesium, iron and vitamins A summer will contribute to facilitate hair growth and revitalize them.

Therefore, before and during the fall, favor egg yolks, hazelnuts, bananas, whole grains or even kiwis to benefit from their beneficial composition on your hair. Conversely, avoid fatty foods, low in protein or alcohol.


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The boosting effect of hair food supplements


Eating a balanced diet is not always easy. The fall hair loss can also be linked to certain factors such as stress or a particular period in life. Taken as a course of 3 weeks to 3 months for an optimal effect, the dietary supplements for hair growth can prove to be a good support to limit their fall in autumn.


To help you to have beautiful hair naturally, we designed the beauty food supplement : rich in biotin, in zinc, in hyaluronic acid and in vitamin C. Our gummies act naturally on the strengthening of the hair and their growth thanks to the active ingredients which act in synergy.

Also discover our new stress food supplement : ideal to use in association with our beauty food supplement, it will allow you to find more serenity and to fight against the fatigue which can occur in autumn. A double beneficial action on your body, but also on your mind!



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