Le breakfast plays a major role in food intake and appetite regulation. When we wake up, we must think that our body comes out of a fast of 7h or 8h and that it needs energy for all the activities that await it. We offer 5 healthy breakfast recipes to adopt to fill up on vitamins!


Why is breakfast an important meal?


vitamins healthy breakfast


Eat a balanced breakfast reduces the feeling of hunger during the half-day and allows to have a lower body mass index. Skipping a meal will indeed alert our brain, which will want to compensate for the lack of nutrients by the other meals, which thus favors larger meals and snacking. He will also start to store more and more for another meal that would run out. The same goes for our intellectual capacities: breakfast improves our abilities of concentration and memorization during the half-day.


What to eat for breakfast?


Not everyone has the same breakfast. There are several criteria to take into account, including the needs and preferences of each, and whether or not one practices regular physical activity.


Breakfast is the only meal where everything is allowed, within reason of course! For drinks, it is best to take them at room temperature, the cost being more difficult to digest.


Like other meals, breakfast should be balanced, with an adequate supply of vitamins, proteins, fibers and carbohydrates that we need. We will take care to enhance our breakfast with fatty acids such as oilseeds (almonds or spreads). Finally, let's not forget protein with eggs or vegan alternatives, especially if you are a regular sportsman!


Our 5 recipe ideas for a vitamin breakfast!


1. The porridges, a complete recipe


When we talk about porridge, we generally think of a kind of porridge without any odd texture ... that's without counting on the many recipes that have flourished on the web for a few years now! Porridge is one of the breakfast recipe ideas the healthiest, which we can personalize according to our tastes and preferences.


The base can be made in a classic way with oat flakes, which are cooked in classic milk or in vegetable milk, but also with quinoa or buckwheat to vary the pleasures. For the vitamin side, we add topping fresh fruit, super foods like goji berries and seeds, like chia seeds or squash seeds. For the most greedy and the sportsmen, a small spoon of peanut butter will bring more taste, as well as proteins.


2. Bowl smoothies, a fruity and colorful recipe


Healthy breakfast smoothie bowl


Perfect for summer, the smoothie bowl is one of breakfast recipes most popular on Instagram in recent years.


And for good reason, we can make smooth bowls very colorful and rich in vitamins, with as for porridge ideas of topping and very varied customization.


The idea of ​​the smoothie bowl is to make it creamier than a classic smoothie, by incorporating less liquid before mixing the fruit. Then add oats, seeds, oilseeds like almonds, bananas or coconut for the fruity and vitamin side.


3. The granolas, a healthy and crispy mixture


Mixture of cereals, seeds, dried fruit and vegetable oil to tie everything together granola is distinguished from muesli by its crispier texture and its generally sweeter taste. Granola is also baked, unlike muesli, which is eaten raw. Granola can be eaten alone, with fruit or cottage cheese, mixed with vegetable milk or topped with smoothies bowls or porridges.


The basic recipe is to mix oatmeal with oilseeds and seeds in equal parts, with a sweetening ingredient and a light drizzle of vegetable oil like coconut or hazelnut oil for example. It is then roasted for a few minutes at low temperature (170 ° maximum), before allowing it to cool and keeping it in a jar.


4. Avocado toast, for salty mornings


Avocado toast healthy breakfast


Eaten as a starter, in a salad or in dishes,lawyer is also interesting to consume in the morning. Its nutritional composition is indeed excellent for a good start to the day! It includes fibers, omega 6 and 9 as well as vitamins. Associated with a poached or scrambled egg, here we have a healthy breakfast recipe and nutritious, which changes from traditional breakfasts made with bread or croissants!


Very simple, the recipe consists in toasting the bread and crushing the ripe avocado in a bowl to make it an easily spreadable puree. We then place our poached egg over it, add a little salt and pepper to season it, and the dish is already ready to be tasted!


5. Healthy pancakes, a healthy and delicious recipe


Latest idea from vitamin recipe for breakfast : the pancakes! In the healthy version, we lighten the dough with wholemeal flour, fromage blanc or even egg whites whipped into snow. You can also make a vegan version, replacing the eggs with ground flax seeds mixed with water.


 As a garnish, we opt preferably for fresh seasonal fruit, with a (light!) Fillet of maple syrup for the touch of indulgence.



As you will have understood, consuming a balanced and vitaminized breakfast will allow you to provide your body with all the nutrients it needs to last all morning!


This is why we have selected in our Energy gummies du ginseng, Guarana recognized for their richness in active ingredients and vitamins that will allow you to boost your body in the event of a small drop in energy!


If you have any questions about nutrition, Jennifer dietician-nutritionist at Les Miraculaires will be happy to talk to you at nutrition@lesmiraculeux.com!


 So, ready to sit down?

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