Do you have difficulty falling asleep? Perhaps you suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders that prevent you from sleeping well at night? Before turning to drug treatments, such as sleeping pills or anxiolytics, let's take stock of the best food supplements to favor to find restful sleep.


Sleep and relaxation: why opt for food supplements? 


according to INSERM, sleep disorders today affect one in three people in France. Numerous scientific studies have shown that the quality of our sleep can have harmful consequences on our state of health, but also on our daily life.


The quality of sleep depends on several causes


Tiredness upon awakening, drowsiness, mood disorders or difficulty concentrating are all factors indicating a lack of sleep. To effectively fight against insomnia and nocturnal awakenings, it is essential to understand the causes:


  • Stress, anxiety
  • Depression
  • Environment (excessive heat, lack of ventilation, noise from the neighborhood, poor bedding, etc.)
  • Lifestyle (tobacco, diet, working hours, etc.)

These can be multiple and it is not always necessary to resort to medication for sleep better.


The benefits of sleep supplements for good sleep


the benefits of food supplements to sleep well


In case of restless nights or difficulty falling asleep, some dietary supplements can be a great alternative to help you feel calm and get back to sleep. Unlike sleeping pills, a food supplement has no therapeutic effect. Nevertheless, it contains sedative and calming substances, allied with the virtues of plants, which will be beneficial to you to prepare and prolong lasting sleep. The advantage is that it does not create any habituation.


This is the case with our sleep supplements, thought for reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, promote relaxation and improve the quality of your sleep. Made in France and 100% vegan, they are designed with melatonin, L-Theanine and plants with soothing properties.


Note that a poor lifestyle and stress are often linked to sleep disorders, it is quite possible that you lack vitamins and minerals. Thus, taking food supplements will allow you to fill this deficit, essential for the proper functioning of the body, in addition to promoting sleep.


Focus on the best food supplements for good sleep


 the best food supplements to sleep well


To fight against insomnia and get quality sleep, you will understand, supplements can be excellent compromises. But, what are the best sleep supplements to use when having trouble falling asleep?


Melatonin for jet lag or difficulty falling asleep


Called the sleep hormone, it is produced by the pineal gland. Its main mission is to regulate our sleep / wake cycle to make it easier to fall asleep. Known to reduce the harmful effects of jet lag, it also limits nocturnal awakenings.


Amino acids to reduce stress and regulate sleep


To help you find peaceful nights, two amino acids are often used in the formulation of sleep supplements.


  • Tryptophan : essential to the body, it enters into the synthesis of serotonin, mainly responsible for our moods. In addition, it makes it easier to fall asleep and fight against depressive disorders.

  • La L-Theanine : it considerably improves the quality of sleep by promoting relaxation and relaxation to prepare for a good sleep. In addition, it decreases this feeling of persistent fatigue and brings many benefits to the brain. Found in tea leaves, this amino acid is also a powerful antioxidant.

Magnesium, essential for the balance of the nervous system for good sleep


Numerous scientific studies have shown that this trace element has a relaxing effect on our nervous system. Magnesium deficiencies would have consequences on our sleep, thus, it is recommended to make regular cures in case of intense fatigue. Anxiety, numbness, spasm in the eyelids are signs which should alert you.


Plants with soothing and tranquilizing properties


plants for better sleep


In the event of stress and sleep disturbances, opting for herbal dietary supplements will undoubtedly help you to sleep better and fight against stress. Here are some plants promoting restful sleep :


  • l'Eschscholtzia, also called “California poppy”, has properties known to decrease nocturnal awakenings and prolong sleep time.

  • La melissa recognized since Antiquity for its relaxing and sedative properties, it calms anxiety disorders and facilitates falling asleep.

  • La Valerian is a plant with soothing properties. Perfect for fighting nervousness, it helps you to find sleep peacefully.

  • THEHawthorn to end insomnia. It is popular in sleep disorders for its sedative properties. It provides emotional soothing, conducive to deep and restorative sleep.


In short, adopting a healthy lifestyle by focusing on relaxation sessions will help you sleep well. The top sleep supplements are those formulated with sedative substances associated with the soothing virtues of plants. For more health and wellness advice, follow us now on Instagram, Pinterest et Facebook.



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