Very fashionable for several years now, personal development is one of the most dynamic and trendy sectors in bookstores! Discover our selection of the 5 books to read by the pool this summer, for a well-deserved break.


Why and how to read personal development books well? 


Personal development books


Want to change your life, to be more efficient, to flourish or to learn to communicate, the personal development gives us the opportunity to become the best version of ourselves, and to feel better every day.

With our often frantic pace of life, we rarely take the time to take a break to take a breather and take stock: are we happy now? Summer vacations are the perfect time to sit down and read “feel good” books that make us feel good.


In terms of personal development, there is a plethora of books on all subjects: improving your married life, your social relations, becoming more productive, getting into meditation ... the themes are endless! But all need to be implemented to bring progress in our life. The personal development books indeed give us the keys to live better in accordance with our desires, but it is up to us to put in place actions to achieve this.


To help you, take a notebook or use the “note” function on your e-reader if you opt for a personal development ebook. Read each chapter first, then highlight the passages that speak to you. Then think about how you can implement these tips in your everyday life, and take action !


The 5 personal development books to savor by the pool this summer!


1. The Four Toltec Agreements: The Path to Personal Freedom - Don Miguel


delivers the 4 Toltec agreements

Known bestseller, 4 Toltec agreements is a quick-to-read personal development book that reveals the source of the limiting beliefs that cause suffering in our everyday lives.

Through the description of 4 key principles to follow to live in unconditional love, the author encourages us to become more kind to ourselves and others. It also invites us to better manage the criticisms that we may face on a daily basis, to avoid assumptions and to always do our best in all areas of our life. To savor without moderation to leave on a positive basis at the start of the school year!


2. Words are windows (or they are walls) - Marshall B. Rosenberg


book words are windows

This book translated into more than 30 languages ​​and sold in nearly 170 copies in France takes us on the road to non-violent communication, or how to improve our social relationships, both personal and professional.

Often subjected to pressure and competition, we develop feelings of jealousy, frustration, anger and even aggression towards others, but also towards ourselves.This work is broken down into several chapters to help us. Express with more sincerity, benevolence and non-judgment.


It accompanies us and gives us the keys to learn to identify and express our feelings and to ask in a positive way what we want others to do for us. A comprehensive and useful personal development book to improve our listening and empathy skills.


3. Breathe! The plan is always perfect - Maud Ankaoua


Author of the now famous “Zero kilometer”, Maud Ankaoua takes us back to her world through the story of Malo, a young thirty-something who learns during a professional trip to Thailand that she only has a few weeks left before dying.

Malo then sees all his old emotional wounds come to the surface, and then thinks about ending his life. It is then that a woman offers him a deal: she buys him 30 days of life, at the end of which he will have to ask himself the question: does he still want to end it? Malo accepts and decides to live his life in a more authentic way.


Ce personal development book reveals to us how the body and the heart live together in a synchronized way, and how our emotions help us to understand what we go through every day. A bestseller in the making!


4. Les Antisèches du Bonheur: the simple and effective method to live happier - Jonathan Lehmann


the cheat sheets of happiness personal developmentAfter “Diary of a tourist of happiness”, Jonathan Lehmann returns with a new book focusing on benefits of meditation. The book is particularly aimed at stressed people, whose life is filled with stress and obligations of all kinds, who do not take the time to live.

Through simple, easy and quick tips to implement, the author invites us to put more positivity in our daily life and slow down, while developing feelings of gratitude and letting go. A feel good book that is easy to read and easy to use for people who tend to feel overwhelmed in their day-to-day lives.


5. My Ikigai notebook - Anne-Sophie Brianceau


ikigai personal development book

Ikigai which means “joy of living” and “reason for being” in Japanese, gives us the keys to be more in tune with ourselves and define what suits us the most between what we like to do, our skills and our profession. The harmony between these 3 elements defines the meaning we want to give to our life, to be more in accordance with our deep desires and our convictions. In the form of a practical book, the author accompanies us to help us find our ikigai.

Aimed at women, this book is broken down into several parts: a “test” part to get to know us better, a description of the method followed by coaching to properly fill in its 4 circles and find our life mission. A light and positive personal development book, which will brighten up our summer and help us get off to a new start at the start of the school year!




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