Alcohol, logs, chocolates… the end of year celebrations tend to hurt our digestion. Difficult and slow digestion (also known as dyspepsia) can result in a variety of disorders and symptoms, such as feeling heavy after a meal, slow digestion, bloating or general discomfort. What are the causes and consequences? How to remedy it from natural matter? Here are our tips!


Digestive disorders linked to holiday meals


slow and difficult digestion


Overeating or having an unbalanced diet in the medium and long term are generally the first causes of a difficult and slow digestion. For some people, eating spicy, salty or fatty foods, consuming carbonated drinks, alcohol or coffee, leads to irritation of the digestive system. Copious meals are not left out to also cause disorders that are described as liver attacks or indigestion.


During holiday meals, we consume more than usual. Our stomachs have a harder time dealing with predigestion. The food stagnates there longer, and this is what induces a feeling of heaviness may cause acid reflux.


The gallbladder also has a key role in the digestion process. When the food leaves the stomach, it will be the function of slow down the progression of food bolus, releasing enough bile to digest fat. This can lead to intestinal spasms, headaches, or even nausea. After the holidays, we often recommend doing a detox cure, in order to relieve the liver and regain a feeling of well-being while taking the right resolution to eat better every day !


What natural solutions to adopt to soothe your digestive system?


Adapt your diet


digestion food


After a meal that is too rich or a holiday season rich in excess food, you can take direct action by adopting new habits.

Favor certain categories of food such as green vegetables for example: rich in fiber, they improve digestion by facilitating transit.


Among all the green vegetables available, artichoke proves to be an essential health asset. It is a perfect ally for your liver, because it stimulates the secretion of bile, but also its evacuation to the intestine. Its high potassium content also makes it a good diuretic. In the morning you can also drink lemon juice in lukewarm water or dilute it in a bottle of water to drink throughout the day to rebalance your body. Conversely, limit the consumption of fatty foods, sugary foods, alcohol and coffee as much as possible. Also cut down on meats, cold cuts, refined cereals and dairy products.


At the end of the main meals, drink a detox infusion can be useful for a pleasant way to promote digestion. Among the friendly plants of the liver and the digestive system are in particular fennel, thyme or even peppermint.


Try a one-day diet to relieve your digestive system


The day after a holiday meal, you can also do a monodiet in order to put your digestive system at rest and allow it to rebalance more quickly. The monodiet consists of consuming only one food at will during the day, such as rice, apples, quinoa or even celery. During the monodiet, hydration in the form of water or unsweetened infusions is essential to promote the elimination of toxins and waste accumulated in the body.


Test aromatherapy to find comfort


Besides food, many natural solutions are available to help you naturally regain comfort and digestive well-being. We can thus quote aromatherapy, which is full of essential oils with beneficial properties on the digestive sphere, but also on the liver. Carrot, lemon, peppermint or rosemary verbenone are among the main essential oils recommended to quickly soothe disorders punctually.


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