To prevent insomnia from ruining your life, essential oils can in some cases be a good solution to pharmaceutical interventions. Natural, powerful and aromatic, some can even help you dive into the arms of Morpheus. So let's discover together the best essential oils for sleeping, soothing your tensions and thus giving you the sleep you dream of!


What are the best essential oils for sleeping?


the best essential oils for sleeping 


Lavender essential oil to soothe anxieties and fight against anxiety


With a scent that is both powerful and soothing, lavender essential oil is one of the most rigorously studied essential oils. Due to its active ingredients, it benefits from balancing and sedative properties. It is also known to ease tensions, reduceanxiety and calm anxieties. It is therefore one of the best essential oils for better sleep and fight naturally against stress and associated sleep disorders.


Bitter orange petitgrain essential oil to relieve tension


 Obtained from the leaves of the bitter orange tree, the essential oil of small grain bigarade helps calm states of mental agitation. Calming, the latter facilitates relaxation and thus promotes sleep. It is therefore recommended to reduce daily tensions and fight against "blues" and mental ruminations affecting sleep. Its soothing, tangy and floral scent is subtly reminiscent of orange.


Marjoram essential oil to relieve stress and anxiety


The essential oil of shell marjoram contains active ingredients with analgesic, antispasmodic and tranquilizing properties, helping to soothe tensions related to stress and anxiety. Rebalancing the nervous system and inviting you to let go, it allows peaceful and restorative sleep.


Roman chamomile essential oil to promote relaxation and fight against nervousness


Its sweet smell is very pleasant, invites calm and relaxation. relaxation. Studies have shown the effectiveness of Roman chamomile in managing the tensions associated with stress and anxiety, making it particularly interesting for fall asleep faster. It is actually used traditionally to fight against stress, nervousness or anxiety and thus fight against insomnia.


Lemon balm essential oil to relieve stress and mental agitation


Harmonizing and balancing, lemon balm is a anti-stress plant which benefits from calming and soothing properties. Widely used against digestive disorders, blood circulation problems, strengthen the immune system it also helps to relieve tension and balance the central nervous system to promote sleep. Very pleasant, lemon balm essential oil gives off a fresh and delicately lemony scent.


How to use essential oils for better sleep?


Essential oils can be used in a multitude of ways, depending on individual preferences, desired effects, but also and above all on their precautions for use. Here are different ways to enjoy their benefits.


Use an essential oil diffuser


essential oils diffuser for sleep


Using a specific diffuser, essential oils can be diffused in a room. Their aromas revitalize the air and subtly perfume the interior. Over time, you can even create your mood compositions by mixing several oils! To sleep better, certain essential oils can for example be diffused in the bedroom, a few minutes before bedtime in order to create an atmosphere conducive to falling asleep.


If you don't have a diffuser, you can also drop one to two drops of essential oil for sleeping on your pillowcase right before bed.


Using essential oils by mouth


Some essential oils can also be directly ingested. It is then important to dilute them well by placing them on a teaspoon of vegetable oil or honey, or on a piece of sugar. In this case, it is very important to follow the recommendations for use and the dosages recommended by the manufacturer.


Take a bath with essential oils


relaxing essential oil bath


You can enjoy the benefits of essential oils for sleeping by pouring a few drops of your favorite oil into a hot bath water (after diluting them in shower gel or shower oil for example).


Using essential oils through the skin


After being mixed with a neutral vegetable oil (jojoba, sweet almond, argan…), certain essential oils can be applied directly to the skin, in particular on pressure points, such as the wrists, behind the ears or the temples.


Essential oils in undiluted form are very concentrated and intense and can irritate your skin. It is strongly recommended not to apply them undiluted directly to the skin. If you plan to use essential oils topically on your body, be sure to always mix an essential oil with a vegetable oil before application.


Our roll-on recipe with relaxing essential oils for better sleep


roll on essential oils for sleeping


Practical, this roll-on with essential oils helps soothe tension to ensure you get deep, quality sleep. Apply to wrists as needed, bring your wrists to the level of your nose and breathe deeply. You can also apply this roll-on on the temples.


For the recipe you will need:


  • An empty 15ml roll-on
  • 15ml neutral vegetable oil of sweet almond or jojoba
  • 8 drops of Roman chamomile essential oil
  • 10 drops of true lavender essential oil
  • 15 drops of small grain bigarate essential oil


Preparation steps:


  • Pour the vegetable oil into the glass tube
  • Add essential oils
  • Reposition the ball tip
  • Close the cap and shake vigorously to mix the components well.
  • It's ready!



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