Very popular in the United States, gummies have recently appeared on the French food supplements. These candy-like erasers aim to make the consumption of food supplements less restrictive and above all more fun. But what real advantages do they offer compared to conventional food supplements? Are they just as effective? We tell you all about these new food supplements!



What is a dietary supplement?


Un dietary supplement is a nutritious food composed of one or more nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements) or substances (plant extracts, fibers, amino acids, etc.) which is most often in the form of capsules, tablets, powder, syrup or ampoule. Located at the border of the food that nourishes and the medicine that heals, it aims to supplement the diet in order to meet two major needs:


 - Prevent or remedy certain nutritional deficiencies, especially among the populations most at risk (pregnant women, the elderly, athletes, etc.).

- Improve quality of life and limit everyday discomfort (difficulty falling asleep, digestion difficile, chronic fatigue, stress…).



classic food supplements


Why consume gummies instead of traditional food supplements?


 Pleasant taste and texture


A not always very healthy, chronic stress and lack of sleep are all reasons that prompt us to occasionally use dietary supplements. However, due to their unattractive flavor or restrictive form, it is generally very difficult to finish a cure and so perceive results. Food supplements in the form of gummies represent a pleasant way of take care of yourself, because they benefit from a smooth texture and a savory taste, making them very appetizing. Thus, by combining pleasure and efficiency, gummies respond to the very principle of food balance : a subtle blend of pleasure and physical well-being !


They are practical


If you often forget to take your food supplements, it may be time to switch to gummies. Another advantage, and not least, is that they are practice ! No need for water or a container, they can be taken everywhere: in the car, at work or at the gym, no risk of forgetting them!


They have the same active ingredients as traditional food supplements


Despite their light and playful form, food supplements in the form of gummies can be just as dosed active subtances than traditional food supplements and can therefore constitute a real alternative to the latter! However, as with traditional food supplements, not all vitamin gums are created equal. To be sure to choose them correctly, make sure that the product contains a interesting amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Also, choose gummies without synthetic sweetener aspartame, sucralose or acesulfame-k because their effects on health are currently very controversial. Prefer all the same reduced in sugars. Finally, check the list of ingredients to be sure that they do not contain substances that you would have excluded from your diet for cultural, ethical or nutritional reasons, such as animal gelatin or lactose for example.


They are subject to the same regulations as conventional food supplements


Whatever their shape or taste, all food supplements made in France are subject to a strict regulations and must be declared to the Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF) which examines their composition and performs controls before marketing. For this reason, avoid buying gummies from abroad because, the regulations of the country of origin being different, they may contain prohibited substances in France to unsuitable dosages.




ANSES - National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety.


Food supplements - Ministry of Solidarity and Health.


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