During pregnancy, pregnant women face hormonal problems, causing nausea and vomiting, as well as decreased quality of sleep. Finding a soothing and pleasant sleep during pregnancy is essential for the well-being of the future mother and by extension for that of the future baby! Find out how to sleep well while pregnant.


How to sleep well during pregnancy?


sleep well during pregnancy


Adapt your diet!


You know sleepless nights will soon arrive after childbirth. What you probably haven't planned is to have sleeping problems during pregnancy !


To promote better quality of sleep while pregnant, we must not neglect any aspect of everyday life. From the point of view of the diet, limit the consumption of foods that are too heavy, too fatty, too spicy and too acidic. They are often the cause of indigestion, constipation, gastric reflux and heartburn. These problems can get worse during pregnancy. An adapted diet is therefore essential to regain comfort and well-being on a daily basis.


Favor them “sedative” foods such as salmon, chickpeas, sweet potatoes, or lettuce, as well as fruits such as cherries or peaches in summer, bananas in winter. Instead of consuming hot drinks like coffee or tea, swap them for soothing infusions containing natural active ingredients known for their relaxing properties such as linden, chamomile or orange blossom. In order not to disturb digestion, we also advise you to eat two hours before going to bed.


Keep doing gentle physical activity


physical activity for pregnant women


If the importance of sport has never been called into question, its benefits for pregnant women deserve our attention. The practice of gentle physical activity during pregnancy also influences the quality of sleep! The body being solicited, at the end of the day, a certain fatigue sets in and promotes sleep.


Besides this aspect, sport has a relaxing and anti-stress role. It also helps prevent various pregnancy ailments like cramps, excessive weight gain, back pain and joint problems. The recommended sports for a pregnant woman are among others prenatal yoga, walking or water aerobics. Do not hesitate to ask your doctor or gynecologist for advice so that he can advise you on the activities best suited to your physical condition!


Choose comfortable positions to sleep better while pregnant


THEdiscomfort experienced during pregnancy often prevents restorative sleep. In a few weeks, it becomes impossible to sleep on your stomach, and very quickly the position on your back also becomes unsuitable. There remains the most accessible position which is the one on the side, but which does not promise total comfort either!


The solution is to use pillows by wedging them under one leg and under your stomach to relieve areas of tension. There are also pregnancy pillows much more suitable since they perfectly match your body shape when lying on your side. They support your stomach and back then extend to between your legs. From the sixth month, it is advisable to keep the left side position to avoid vena cava syndrome, which can cause a slow heart rate in the fetus. Finally, you should think about having good bedding during pregnancy to promote good sleep. The foam mattress is often very popular with pregnant women!


Create a relaxing sleep routine for better sleep

 sleep routine for pregnant women


Sleeping at a fixed time every night will help you fall asleep faster, as well as avoid looking at the screens as much as possible, at least 1 hour before bedtime. Take good sleep patterns during pregnancy will help you recharge the batteries before the baby arrives, and to do good for your morale too!


To sleep well, choose loose, comfortable clothes. To get 8 hours of sleep during your pregnancy, you must make sure to make between 20 to 30 minutes of nap if you feel the need, but no more so as not to disrupt your sleep cycle at night. Before bedtime, give yourself time to relax: take a hot bath, relax by practicing relaxation exercises, meditation, reading a few pages of your latest novel or listening to music or podcasts to sleep well. These activities promote a fast falling asleep, and help you find well-being and serenity on a daily basis!


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