As winter approaches or to boost the immune system, parents stock up on vitamins, but what about children? What are their benefits of supplements and which child food supplement to favor? We enlighten you.


Why give children food supplements?


vitamins for children


Address an unbalanced diet and unmet nutritional needs


The diet of children and adolescents is not always balanced. Children generally have difficulty consuming vegetables, both during family meals and in the canteen! Deficiencies can thus occur with important consequences on their growth or their ability to concentrate or memorize.


It is these nutrient needs that children's food supplements can meet.They ensure that children receive all the vitamins and minerals necessary for their proper development.


Promote growth and support natural defenses


In order to strengthen children's bones and teeth, food supplements can be of great help. During growth, the mineralization is essential so that the body can grow in size, but also to continue its cellular development.


During this period, iron, calcium, vitamin D or even vitamin B1 are among the most recommended intakes. However, many other food supplements may be of interest given their antioxidant virtues or their ability to stimulate the immune system, which is very important in this autumn period and all the more so this year with the Covid.


Limit child fatigue


vitamins and fatigue in children


Growth, schooling, extra-curricular activities, the children live at a hundred miles an hour! Strokes of fatigue are therefore frequent, when they need to live this period of their life fully. The child food supplements rich in vitamin C or iron can avoid these situations. Taken as a cure from a few weeks to several months, they represent an ideal support while providing other properties to the often weakened organism of children.


What food supplements to give to children?


Vitamins D, B and K


La vitamin D increases vitality. But more importantly when growing, she binds calcium to the bones ! A children's food supplement rich in vitamin D also maintains nervous balance and brain health. Suffice to say that it will be ideal given all its benefits.


Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B8 for their part guarantee sufficient energy production to follow the children in their intense days. On the side of vitamins B9 et B12, their interest is evident at the level of protein synthesis and cell regeneration. To ensure the proper functioning of the nervous system, a food supplement containing B vitamins will therefore be ideal.


Zinc and selenium


The association of zinc and selenium ensures effective protection of cells thanks to the antioxidant properties of this combination. To maintain a healthy body and grow in good condition, children's food supplements often incorporate these minerals. The administration of a child food supplement very often takes on its full meaning during growth. However, remember that these supplements should be part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle!


The ideal food supplement for children 


Ideal for children, lfood supplements in the form of multivitamin gummies for easier taking in children consist of acerola rich in natural vitamin C and many vitamins and trace elements listed above to support the growth, well-being and nutrition of children. 


Flavored with strawberry ou Tutti Fruttiour food supplement for children promotes your child's growth from 3 years old, strengthens his immune system and preserves tone and vitality on a daily basis. To take in 3 week cure for an immediate boost or over a longer period for reinforced immune defenses. A must in this season!

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