In this period of uncertainty, we have chosen to be positive and take the opportunity to resume good eating habits. And because our mission at Les Miraculeux is to take care of yourself and your health, today I'm sharing ten tips to help you eat better every day.


1. Liability 


Nutrition tips to eat better


Feeling guilty after having abused a little, is really not a good idea! Especially when you feel food guilt, you are anxious and generate negative emotions. Result: our unconscious whispers to us "fucked up for fucked up let go!". The weeks that follow we therefore move impulsively towards very fatty and very sweet comfort foods and there, weguilty (do you recognize yourself?). So we take a new start: we forget the excesses of the past months and we decide to eat better, first of all for his health !


2. Forget restrictive regimes




The desire to lose weight fast encourages us to turn to quick solutions, among which are on the front line: dieting. You know all these programs with enticing promises that make the headlines just after the holidays and before the summer holidays? These diets are certainly effective in the short term but are ineffective and even dangerous for long-term health (nutritional deficiencies, bone problems, disruption of hunger signals ...). In addition, they are responsible for profound changes in the body's metabolism. Result: as soon as the program is finished, weight gain is inevitable sometimes even more severe! So this year we forget that; we adopt good healthy habits, lasting and without harmful consequences on our health!


3. Eat more fiber


Health benefits of fiber


First good habit to take: consume more fiber daily. Right now, we don't eat enough fiber at all: less than 20g / d whereas the current French recommendations are to 25-30g / day. However, they are essential for the proper functioning of our body. They certainly regulate our intestinal transit, but not only! They also contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular disease, Au strengthening the immune system et even favor weight loss !


4. Favor raw and minimally processed foods


Promote home-made


Another good habit to take: limit industrial products and promote homemade ! We are eating more and more "Empty calories", i.e. foods rich in energy, fat, salt and sugars, but low in micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) essential to our body. Without forgetting that the more a food is "processed", the more it containsadditives with questionable (even very questionable) consequences on our health. So, we favor little or not processed foods and we enjoy cooking or at least we favor products with a short and clear list of ingredients!


5. Adopt batch-cooking


Batch-cooking for better eating


If you answered the previous resolution that you don't have time to cook, the solution is here: batch cooking ! The latter consists of plan your menus and prepare meals for the week (or at least the next day) in advance. So you save time, money (because you buy less superfluous) and you eat good healthy and homemade dishes! Yes, 2020 will be an organized year! We adopt batch-cooking and leave aside the bowls of cereals taken on the go at 21:15 p.m. and the prepared dishes stuffed with salt and E621.


6. Favor quality fats


quality fats


When we talk about food and health, fats (or lipids) do not always have a good reputation! However, they are essential for the proper functioning of our body because they provide us with an important source of energy and are essential for certain biological mechanisms (hormonal synthesis, constitution of cell membranes, transport of vitamins, etc.). However, not all fats are created equal ! From a qualitative point of view, it is recommended to favor so-called fats "Unsaturated", found in oils, oilseeds and certain fatty fish (salmon, sardines, herring, etc.). It is therefore very important to vary your sources in order to have all essential fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6). We also find other fats, say "Saturated". They are easily recognizable because they solidify at room temperature (butter, lard, cream…). These can be consumed but should not be abused because in excess they favor the occurrence of cardiovascular pathologies. Last category, a little bit apart: fatty acids "Trans" which come from the processing of fats by the food industry. They are to be avoided because they are responsible for premature cell aging and favor the deposition of lipids on the walls of blood vessels.


7. Eating in season


Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables


Eating in season is good for our health! Already, this allows us to naturally vary our diet, which increases our chances of meeting all of our nutrient needs and soavoid deficiencies ! Also, when in season, fruits and vegetables are picked when ripe. Consequence: they have preserved their taste and nutritional properties, for our greatest pleasure! Especially since consuming in season is also economical and ecological, so why deprive yourself of it?


8. Include vegetable proteins in your diet


vegetable protein eat better


There are several sources of protein. On the one hand, the animal protein : meat, fish, dairy products, eggs. On the other hand, vegetable proteins : pulses (soy, lentils, beans, chickpeas ...), cereals and oilseeds (nuts, almonds, peanuts ...) which are also good sources of protein if they are well combined. Consuming more plant-based protein helps easily vary and diversify your diet. Especially since plants have many other advantages: they are rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins and trace elements… Do not forget that when consuming animal protein, we always try to favor quality over quantity !


9. Eat mindfully


Eat mindfully


In our “all-in-one” digital society, our attention is often turned to screens and the like. sources of distraction. Eating has become an automatic, mechanical and sometimes even forgotten act. Mindfulness feeding consists of pay attention to our plate and our body as soon as we are about to eat. Consequence: we really enjoy eating, we eat more slowly, making meals a conscious and no longer automatic act. Thus, we stop when we are really full because by taking the time to savor each bite and removing everything that comes to parasitize our attention during the meal, we focused only on what we tasted


10. Listening to your eating sensations


Listen to your eating sensations


One of the first steps to start eating more consciously is tolisten to their eating sensations. But not easy, because restrictive diets, social codes, technological distractions, boredom, emotions, stress and fatigue are all elements that constantly disrupt our hunger and satiety signals. It pushes us to eat anything, anytime and that without actually being hungry. What if we learned to really listen to each other? To succeed in distinguishing a desire to eat more emotional than physiological and to ask the question "am I really hungry or do I just need it psychologically?" " Becoming aware of this is already a first step towards reconciliation with your diet and your body, because taking care of him is above all listening to the signals he sends us !


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