Here we are ! The change to winter time takes place this weekend. If some people are not at all sensitive to it, others can on the contrary suffer the effects such as sleep disorders or a more gloomy mood than usual and in some cases a bad mood. the course smoothly.


Why do we change the time in winter and summer?


consequences of the time change


Le Time change was set up in 1975 under the chairmanship of Valéry Giscard d'Estaing. At the time, the oil crash of 1973 inflated the price of oil, which then cost up to 4 times more expensive than before! The sunshine hour gained in summer was originally intended to save energy. We are not the only ones to change the time twice a year in the world, although some countries like Russia, Egypt or Tunisia have decided to stay either on daylight saving time or on winter hour. In France, consultations are still ongoing, but it seems that within one or two years we should stay on summer time, which is popular with many French people.


The time change has been called into question for a few years because of its original motivations which are no longer adapted to our way of life, particularly in terms of energy management. On the other hand, scientists have been able to demonstrate that changing the time has harmful effects on our body and our biological clock, especially in the most sensitive people such as children or the elderly.


The effects of the time change on our body


Changing our biological clock


Our body appreciates regular times of getting up and going to bed, as well as meals taken at fixed times to keep our balance. The time change, even if we are only talking about 60 minutes, has a destabilizing effect on our body, sometimes worse than the jetlag we can feel after a plane trip! This also occurs during the weekend, where we do not necessarily have time to get used to before starting a new week.


A study by Sofres found that drug intake increased by nearly 20% among the French at the time of the hour change, proof that many of us feel inconvenience during this period.


Appearance of sleep disturbances


time change and sleep disturbances


When we change the hour, the production of melatonin is disrupted since the times of sunrise and sunset are changed. Our circadian rhythm is therefore slightly unbalanced, which can lead to the onset of sleep disorders such asinsomnia, or worsening of symptoms if we are already exposed to them.


Time change and bad mood


The time change also has an effect on our morale. Some will be more sensitive to summer time, while others will feel depressed and nostalgic when they close their shutters at 17pm in winter! The lack of light felt during fall and winter can cause mood disorders and anxiety until it becomes a real seasonal depression with variable symptoms, more or less important depending on the person.


How to change the time smoothly? Our advices !


Make the most of natural light


For pass the time change course gently et avoid sleep disorders that are harmful to your body, make the most of the daylight, even if it means getting up a little earlier than usual! When we leave the office at 18:8 p.m. in the winter and returned at XNUMX:XNUMX a.m., we haven't necessarily had the opportunity to enjoy the sun's rays during the day.


So try to stall as much as possible during your work day when you can go out to get some fresh air (especially at noon during the lunch break), do regular breaks during the day, and don't hesitate to walk a few minutes in the morning to get to work or to get to your desk. On weekends, leave the screens behind and take the opportunity to go for a walk, which will allow you to recharge your batteries!


Give yourself cocooning moments


wellness time change


Lower temperatures, more capricious weather and shorter sunshine time invite you to let go and savor cocooning moments at home, all the more so this year with the ongoing health crisis! If you are sensitive to the change of time, give yourself a few days to rest as much as possible, and do some relaxing activities to limit its effects on your body and your mood. A book, a blanket and a hot cup of tea, a 20 minute nap ... do what feels good, and do not blame to feel a little less fit than usual!


Favor a vitamin diet


During the time change, adopt a healthy lifestyle is even more recommended than the rest of the year! Practice physical activity at home or outside if possible, limit sedentary lifestyle and adopt a balanced diet is indeed essential to pass the course smoothly. In autumn and winter, choose foods rich in vitamin C natural to both fight against fatigue and stimulate your natural defenses. Of adequate intake of vitamin D are also recommended to limit less exposure to sunlight.


Quickly adjust to the new time


For the Time change does not have too many negative consequences on your lifestyle, adjust as quickly as possible to the new time. Save your wake up and go to bed times, have lunch and dinner at the usual times even if you are not very hungry so as not to disturb your habits and the week to come too much.


Support your body with food supplements


And if you took advantage of this period to test the food supplements ? To help you better experience the transition to winter time, our gummies can give you support. Having trouble falling asleep and adjusting to fixed bedtime and waking times?


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