Essential for our well-being and our physique, sporting activity offers us many benefits. But it is sometimes difficult to motivate yourself, for lack of objectives or because we have not yet found the activity that suits us. Discover our tips to motivate you to play sports now!

The benefits of physical activity


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Playing sports to take care of your body

It is good to know above all that any sport is good for our health, even walking, except medical contraindications such as pregnancy, disability or a particular disorder.
Regular sport is very effective in preventing chronic, degenerative and cardiovascular diseases. For cardiovascular diseases, for example, sport considerably reduces risk factors by reducing high blood pressure, improving blood circulation and making the heart more resistant by increasing its endurance over time.
Sport also helps to avoid risk of overweight and obesity, arthritis, asthma, strengthen the bone structure and fight against premature aging of the body.

Playing sports for mental well-being 

After engaging in physical activity, our brain secretesendorphin which is the pleasure hormone. This is how the greatest athletes are drugged by their activity, because they can not do without it!
We have previously seen that sport improves blood circulation, therefore it improves oxygenation of the brain, providing better stimulation of brain activity and therefore an improvement in our memory and our ability to think.
Sport is also a Stress which helps improve sleep cycles. The nights are thus more restorative, and we generally fall asleep faster after a sports session carried out during the day.

Why are we demotivated?


Pain due to improper training

injury and motivational sport
When we start to practice a sport, you should know that it is normal to have aches in the first time. Your muscles are not or no longer used to moving. But after a few sessions, you will see that it will become easier and easier, and you will even end up enjoying it! The beginning is only a bad time to pass.

Lack of goals and action

The reasons that led you to play sports are not convincing enough for yourselves and you will always find excuses not to go. The lack of visible results, such as losing weight, for example, can also help to demotivate you. But you must know above all that physical transformation takes time, and must also be done in combination with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

How to motivate yourself to play sports?

Motivate yourself to play sports

Defining why we want to play sports

Before defining your goals, ask yourself the question: "Why do I want to play sports?" " Record your main reason somewhere. This will be your main goal and you can watch it as soon as you have any doubts. You can also make a display board (using the tool Pinterest to help you get motivated!

Define goals and schedule

The more goals you have, the easier it is to motivate yourself, provided you have concrete goals that are not too high from the start. Better to fix yourself several small objectives to achieve, rather than just one but unachievable. Choose objectives, clear and realistic, easily measurable, and defined over time. You will gradually realize that you are making progress and your feeling of pleasure will be increased tenfold, all the more if you achieve your goals as you go.

Start slowly

Any kind of physical training should always start with a general warm-up, a short jog for example, and end with a recovery exercise to slowly lower your heart rate. During the first sessions, start with training adapted to your physical condition and don't try to do too much to avoid the pain. It's one of the best ways to quickly demotivate you! Remember that sport must above all be a pleasure and must not become a constraint so that it can bring you all its positive benefits, both on your body and on your mind.

Our selection of music to motivate you to play sports


Among the best sources of motivation, music occupies a special place. Indeed, the lively and dynamic Music will push you to take action! Here are our best musics to motivate you:




Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE


 J Balvin (feat. Beyoncé) - MI GENTE

 Dua Lipa - New Rules

 Kanye West - POWER

 Survivor - EYE OF THE TIGER

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