Menopause is a crucial stage in a woman's life. When the first symptoms appear, a real period of transition begins. So that the latter goes as well as possible, we invite you to discover now what are the first symptoms of menopause and natural solutions to relieve them.


What are the symptoms of menopause and how long does it last?


menopause relieve hot flashes


More irregular periods


For the menopause to be fully established, the periods must have disappeared for a whole year. During this pre-menopausal year, various symptoms gradually appear and may then disappear. Among them, we can note the irregularity of the rules. Menstrual cycles can be longer or shorter, more painful too. The abundance of rules can also be random. Each woman will react in her own way, usually around the age of 47 to 50.


Hot flashes, the most common symptom of menopause


Well known to the general public, hot flashes are one of the most common signs that usually alert women. These “hot shots” start from the chest, and extend to the face. For a few minutes, they can occur in the middle of the night, triggering insomnia, and throughout your day.


Your skin, too, might experience some changes. Hormonal fluctuations make it drier, which promotes the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. Your sex life can also be affected by all of these changes. As the vaginal walls are thinner and sometimes drier, intercourse can become more painful. The libido can thus decrease or increase.


More or less weight gain and anxiety


Most women can also gain weight. As the metabolism becomes weaker, the feeling of stress increasing crescendo, and insulin resistance losing in force, everything is done in the body to promote weight gain.


If you already knew the irritability and anxiety during your premenstrual syndromes, it is possible to see them reappear, a little stronger, at the time of premenopause. Sadness is also part of the panel of emotions often experienced during this period. Every woman is different: some will experience all of these symptoms, others will see only a few. The duration of the latter is also variable and can extend from 2 to 4 years.


How to naturally soothe the symptoms of menopause?


Adopt new habits to promote your comfort


It may sound simple, but you still have to think about it at the right time! To fight hot flashes, there are several tips that can help you. For the day, do not hesitate to favor cotton clothes. Make sure they can be removed easily by using jackets that you will remove when you feel a hot flash coming. This will also be the moment when you can slowly drink a glass of very cold water. This will slow down the force of the puff, and at the same time hydrate your body. At night, also prefer cotton sheets and prepare a compress in cool water on your bedside table. This will allow you to cool off when you need it without having to get up.


Maintain a healthy lifestyle


tips for living well through menopause


To slow down weight gain, promote sleep and keep your spirits up, two things can help you: exercise regularly and watch your diet! Indeed, regular physical activity will maintain your body and your good mood. Choose an activity adapted to your physical condition and not restrictive, which you will perform with pleasure. For your diet, balance is an important factor, but the ideal would be to strengthen your consumption of fiber and omega 3 present in fatty fish such as salmon, sardines or herring to support your body in the way as optimal as possible.


Take advantage of the benefits of plants to regain your balance every day


Whether in the form of herbal teas or supplements, certain herbs can help you calm the symptoms of menopause. Among them, we will note the sage, in particular to help soothe hot flashes. The kudzu can also have a positive effect on your libido. Also think about soothing and relaxing herbs like valerian or melissa, to promote relaxation before bedtime and reduce feelings of stress and irritability.


Complete your routine with a vegan food supplement dedicated to postmenopausal women!


At les Miraculeux, we are committed to always offering more new gummies adapted to your needs! Formulated with kudzu, black cohosh, sage and iron, our new menopause food supplement supports you on a daily basis and helps increase your well-being. From the first week, hot flashes, night sweats and discomfort begin to decrease. After 3 weeks of treatment, you naturally regain your feminine balance and become more serene!

Like all of our other dietary supplements, our menopause gummies are low in sugars, cruelty-free and vegan.

You can consume them as a cure alone, or in combination with our others stress food supplements ou sleep for example !

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