The health crisis that we are going through has been going on for several months now, and has a direct impact on the morale of the French. After a first containment in the spring, then a period of curfew, France is once again reconfined. However, despite the anxieties related to the economic and health situation, maintaining morale is essential to protect us from the gloom. Discover our tips for taking care of yourself on a daily basis!


The effects of the current health crisis on our body


consequence of confinement on organism


This second confinement causes deep discomfort among the French, with in particular an increase in the consumption of anxiolytics and consultations for problems with sleep, stress or anxiety. According to one Odoxa investigation conducted in October 2020, only 13% of French say they are confident in the country's economic future, a level of pessimism never reached!


The French fear the economic repercussions of the crisis, and are worried about their jobs. Indeed, if the first confinement had been relatively well received with the feeling of going through a collective and one-off “adventure”, the return of this health measure in a season more conducive to depression and bad humor comes to put a big blow to the morale of the French.

Fears overlap in a particularly anxiety-provoking climate : fear of illness, fear for loved ones, economic fear, etc. These concerns cause more and more difficulty in projecting themselves among the French, both in their personal projects, trips, investments, as professional.


The accumulation of these fears creates a inner tension in people who paralyze them. While during the first confinement, the French had taken advantage of this period to strengthen ties with their loved ones, to organize “zoom aperitifs”, to call each other, new technologies are no longer sufficient today to compensate for the reduction, even lack of social connection for some people.


How to keep morale up in times of crisis?


maintain morale during confinement


Maintain your habits or imagine new ones


The confinement has profoundly changed the lifestyle of some people. We must now learn to work at home, accept that we no longer have the freedom to go out where we want and when we need it. In this context, it is essential to keep certain habits or to create new ones to punctuate our daily lives. Get up at the same time every day, have a morning routine and one for going to bed, eating meals at regular times are all ways to keep a balance. Make to do list and respecting them also allows set daily goals and savor the pleasant feeling of having done a job!


Limit exposure to social networks and ventilate as much as possible


In order to get away from the anxiety-inducing atmosphere, also limit your exposure time to social networks and media in general, especially the XNUMX-hour news channels that help keep it going. Moreover, while it is essential to comply with government containment measures, ventilate as much as possible is just as much. In addition to outings for shopping or to meet your personal and professional obligations, use as much as possible the authorized daily outing time and, if your health permits, practice a daily sports activity. In addition to walking or jogging, you can also take advantage of the many initiatives that have emerged: online courses, smartphone fitness apps, etc. In addition to good for your morale, the sport can also help you fight against sedentary lifestyle and lack of energy often felt in autumn and winter.


Create a soothing and relaxing cocoon to keep your spirits up


hygge cocooning wellness routine


Also take care of your daily environment to feel good at home, even in a small apartment! Sorting, redecorating your rooms, rearranging them ... will allow you to feel good at home by creating a comfortable and warm cocoon. Reading self-help books, listening to positive and inspiring shows and podcasts are all importantpositive activities to adopt daily, which will have a beneficial impact on your morale. This will help you let go and bring your stress levels down by accepting that you are out of control.


Test natural solutions to relieve stress


Do not hesitate to explore the natural solutions to chase away anxiety that would persist. Discover aromatherapy, get started meditation, try dietary supplements to take as a cure to support your body and calm your mind.


Finally, if it is complicated to plan, it is nevertheless vital to think about the after. What will be your next trip? This is a good time to think about the next destination you want to discover. You can also prepare your next weekends. Take advantage of this time to take stock of your personal and professional situation and think about any adjustments that might be needed to improve it. Do not hesitate to use the technique of writing “bucket list”To focus on your projects and your desires!


Discover our anti-stress food supplement to promote relaxation


To help you better manage situations that generate nervousness and anxiety, we have launched our anti-stress gummies : formulated with rhodiola, hawthorn, vitamin B6 and GABA, they contribute to relaxation and relaxation. Coupled with a balanced diet and relaxation techniquesThis anti-stress food supplement will be your natural ally to relax!



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