Dull complexion, imperfections, overproduction of sebum ... our skin sometimes makes us see all the colors! To have beautiful skin naturally, it is essential to adopt good reflexes every day. Discover our advice to adopt now!


What is our skin for?


Have beautiful skin


Composed of 3 layers (the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis), our skin has many functions, sometimes overlooked! First, it serves as a “barrier” against external aggressions: shocks, injuries, but also hot or cold temperatures, wind, sun, viruses and bacteria… It is also our skin that will play the role of temperature regulator of our body, with sweating when it's hot, or by the contraction of our blood vessels when it's cold.


The skin also has a immune role, since it harbors many cells such as keratinocytes, dendritic cells and lymphocytes.


Finally, our skin also plays a social role, since it is a reflection of our emotions and our inner state, when we blush for example!


How to have beautiful skin naturally?


When we want naturally have beautiful skin, it is essential to look at the side of one's lifestyle! If cosmetics play an important role in the beauty of our skin, our general health is just as important. The quality of our sleep as well as our diet represent the essential pillars to improve when we want to regain radiance and a soft and supple skin.


Take a detox cure to eliminate toxins and get a new look


Seasonal changes are the perfect opportunity to thoroughly cleanse our body and skin. The liver is indeed the organ that ensures the elimination of toxins and waste accumulated in our body.


By making a detox cure, your skin will benefit from the benefits of its effects. On the program: fresher and brighter complexion, rebalancing of sebum production and reduction of imperfections!


To carry out an effective detox cure, several solutions exist: single diet, taking food supplements like birch juice, black radish or dandelion ... We can also take the opportunity to do a “cosmetic” detox over several days, using only 2 or 3 basic products such as aloe vera gel, a hydrosol and vegetable oils, to have beautiful skin naturally!


Adopt a complete skincare routine


Face care routine

Your daily hygiene has an important impact on the beauty and health of your skin. For have beautiful skin naturally flexible, hydrated and a luminous complexion, adopt these few rules of conduct essential to preserve it:

  •  Cleanse your skin every day with a treatment adapted to your skin type
  • Rinse with lukewarm water, pat dry without rubbing and apply day cream tailored to your needs
  • Perform a scrub at least once a week, to remove dead cells and unclog the pores of your skin
  • Do not forget to remove make-up in the evening, before going to bed, even if you have not put on makeup to remove impurities, dust or pollution residues.

We also advise you to limit the use of conventional cosmetic treatments as much as possible, which contain many potentially allergenic or occlusive substances. This is the case, for example, with mineral oils, often found in foundations.


Adapt your lifestyle and your diet


On the food side, no secret! Foods that are fatty or too sweet should be limited as much as possible, in favor of balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, to fill up on vitamins.

Beta-carotene, the vitamin A, C, E, antioxidants, essential fatty acids are nutrients that will allow you to have beautiful skin, obtain a healthy glow effect and effectively fight against cell aging.

Stress and anxiety also cause increased sebum secretion, the appearance of pimples, wrinkles and fine lines and cause the loss of radiance of your complexion. We therefore remain Zen as much as possible!

Regular physical activity, especially outdoors, will also benefit the skin by facilitating the elimination of toxins and promoting oxygenation of cells.


Discover our beauty food supplement to have beautiful skin!


To help you naturally have beautiful skin in any season, discover our beauty food supplement. Formulated with vitamins B6 et B8, ofhyaluronic acid and zinc, it takes care of your skin but also of your hair and nails. Hyaluronic acid is one of the best beauty active ingredients available on the market: it helps both hydrate the skin and preserve it from skin aging. 


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