Imperfections, dull complexion, tan that is naturally eliminated over time ... After the holidays, it is not uncommon for our skin to look gray! In question: the return to everyday life, stress, the rhythm of sleep that must be re-adopted or even pollution for those who live in urban areas. Discover our tips to have a luminous complexion after summer and boost your morale!


How to have a luminous complexion after the holidays?


have a luminous complexion 

Opt for purifying treatments for a new skin


The sun, if it gives us a nice tanned complexion, is a false friend during the summer! This is because the skin protects itself from the sun's rays by thickening, which can cause the appearance of pimples and microcysts when returning from vacation.


To avoid this rebound effect and avoid an overproduction of sebum, opt for cosmetic treatments rich in purifying active ingredients like aloe vera or zinc, gentle on the skin so as not to attack it more and rebalance it.


You can also carry out once or twice a week a scrub face suitable for your skin type. Use a ready-made product or make a DIY treatment, for example by mixing a little jojoba vegetable oil in brown sugar with a little honey added to facilitate healing and regeneration of the skin. Your complexion will only be brighter as a result!


Hydration, essential step to have a luminous complexion!


Si hydration of the skin must be carried out throughout the year to avoid skin dryness and the appearance of signs of aging, this step is all the more important when you return from vacation! The skin has indeed been exposed to multiple external aggressions: wind, sea salt, swimming pool chlorine, sun rays ... and needs hydration in order to maintain its balance and restore the skin. hydrolipidic film present on its surface.


Integrate into your back-to-school beauty routine a cream rich in moisturizing active ingredients, to be applied morning and evening. Do not forget also that good hydration of the skin also requires good hydration of the body, with at minimum 1.5L of water to drink all day long!


Boost your body with a vitamin diet


diet to have a beautiful complexion 

In addition to an adapted beauty routine, a healthy and balanced lifestyle will help you to avoir naturally a brighter complexion and brighter. The summer vacations are an opportunity for many of us to release the pressure a little and have more fun (hello aperitifs and barbecues!). At the start of the school year, resuming good eating habits can both help illuminate the complexion, but also contribute to strengthen our immune system et lutter contre la fatigue recovery. September is full of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, to consume without moderation in juice, raw or cooked to vary the pleasures! You can also prolong your hard-earned tan during the summer by consuming foods rich in beta-carotene like tomatoes or carrots.


Get rid of back-to-school stress for a radiant complexion


Idleness, relaxation and activities, the holidays allow us to decompress and offer us a relief after a hectic year. Back to school marks the end of the holidays, the end of summer and the return to habits, which can lead to a more or less stress between professional, family and personal obligations.


To extend the benefits of a vacation, don't feel guilty about taking time for yourself, in the evenings or on weekends, to relax and do nothing. Back to school is the perfect opportunity to resume physical activity or to test new activities!


Take a course of food supplements to have a radiant complexion


In autumn, our skin is not the only one to suffer the effects of the change of season! Our hair and nails are also more fragile than usual. To help you get through the start of the new school year smoothly and regain a luminous complexion and healthy hair, discover our beauty food supplement : formulées à base de biotine, de zinc, de vitamine C et d’acide hyaluronique, nos gummies beauté réhydratent la peau en profondeur, accélèrent la pousse des cheveux et fortifient naturellement vos ongles.


A beauty ally to adopt without hesitation for a back to school in all serenity!

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