Fatigue, stress, pollution? So many factors that affect our body, but also our hair. Weakened, they become duller, more brittle. And yet, you have tested and applied a multitude of hair care products to repair them ... But, nothing helps! So, are you wondering how to have beautiful hair? Here are 5 practical tips, to integrate into your routine, to quickly regain silky, strong and healthy hair.


1. A healthy lifestyle: the key to having beautiful hair


Taking care of yourself and adopting the right reflexes while eating healthy are part of the conditions for feeling good in your body and having healthy hair, resplendent with beauty.


Which foods to favor to have soft and resistant hair?


Like the skin or the nails, the hair fiber is essentially 97% composed of a natural protein, called keratin. Thus, to guarantee their silky appearance, your hair needs essential nutrients to promote their growth. It is therefore strongly recommended to have a balanced and varied diet to keep in shape and fortify the hair. Here, in this case, the nutrients to favor on your plate:


  • Proteins are essential in the composition of your hair to prevent it from splitting or becoming brittle. You will find it in fish, meat, eggs, legumes, dairy products and whole grains.


  • Vitamins (A, B5, B8, E) play a fundamental role in the health of the hair. They are found in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, eggs, legumes and vegetable oils.


  • Essential fatty acids are essential for the growth and shine of your hair. They are naturally present in dairy products, meat, fish, as well as eggs.


  • The copper makes your hair shinier and participates in the production of melanin. It is mainly found in dried fruits, nuts, shellfish and whole grains.


  • The iron for more resistant hair. Consume animal proteins regularly, but also spices such as cumin, spirulina, dark chocolate, fruits and vegetables.


  • Zinc, key contribution to maximize hair growth. Its main sources are found in seafood, meat, cheese, wholemeal bread and eggs.


  • Water to provide all the necessary hydration to your hair.


Also watch out for restrictive diets: a lipid deficiency can deteriorate the health of the hair fiber. Protection and lubrication are therefore essential for having beautiful hair. 


Zen, be zen for healthy hair


stress and hair loss


Today we all know how stress can affect our health. Fatigue, irritability, sleep disturbances, so many factors that can alert you. It is therefore important to take care of your body running away from sources of tension, because a hair undergoing emotional or chronic stress can be highly weakened: the keratin then becomes brittle.


In addition, stress accentuates hair loss and disrupts its renewal. So, to have resplendent healthy hair, pay attention to your body and its needs. Respect your sleep hours and enjoy relaxing activities such as yoga ou meditation. This can be a great way to refocus on yourself: a return to basics that will bring you many benefits in turbulent times.


2. Protect yourself from pollution, the number one enemy of dull hair


protect your hair


Exhaust gases, dust, polluting particles… These are the hazards of living in the city center. Difficult to escape it! And yet, these external aggressions are not without consequences for the health of our hair. Pollution weakens them, and by multiplying washing with products, we attack the hair fiber a little more every day.


This is because shampoos tend to remove natural sebum from the hair and dehydrate it. Our advice to protect yourself from pollution and regain healthy hair? Brushing, to naturally ventilate your scalp. Each evening, therefore, remember to gently brush your hair to essentially remove dust and other particles. And, to thoroughly cleanse them of all impurities, opt for natural detoxifying products that will respect your hair while purifying it.


3. Make a beauty treatment to stimulate growth and have beautiful hair


Eating a healthy and balanced diet plays a fundamental role in the quality of the hair. Despite this, it is not uncommon today to have deficiencies for various reasons related to our lifestyle: stress, pollution, tobacco, are the main examples. The change of season, but also hormonal upheavals can also weaken your hair. In this case, doing a beauty treatment of about 3 months is recommended to fill up with vitality and provide all the necessary active ingredients. We advise you food supplements, enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, specially formulated to improve hair quality.


As it happens, our Beauty, hair, nails and skin gummies, are mainly composed of biotin, hyaluronic acid, zinc and vitamins C and E:  your hair will be stronger, softer and shinier. In addition to stimulating growth and providing volume, it is the ideal solution to strengthen your nails in the event of splitting or breakage, but also to take care of your skin: your complexion is perfectly even, more radiant.


4. Pamper your hair with natural care


natural hair care


To have a dream mane, take a closer look at the nature of your hair. Whether curly, curly or smooth, choose products, if possible natural, which respect the structure of your hair fiber without denaturing it.


For it, use mild shampoos and vegetable oils, depending on your hair type and your needs:


  • avocado oil if your hair is tired and needs strengthening.
  • jojoba oil, perfect for restoring radiance, suppleness and vitality.
  • hazelnut oil regulates sebum and purifies the scalp.
  • Castor oil is known to stimulate hair growth


In case of dry hair, do not hesitate to make nourishing masks, in particular to protect them during the summer, in case of excessive sun exposure. Indeed, UVA and UVB rays cause an alteration of the cuticles, and therefore, make them rougher and brittle. Feeding them intensely can only make them stronger, brighter.


5. Having beautiful hair is taking care of it every day


Without knowing it, we are used to repetitive gestures that are harmful to the beauty of our hair. So, what are the good daily habits to adopt now to have beautiful hair naturally?


  • Stop washing too often which attack the hair fiber and mistreat your scalp.


  • Favor natural drying rather than the hair dryer or hair straighteners with hotplates.


  • Limit excessive coloring and discolorations which denature the hair.


  • Cut the tips regularlyevery 3 to 4 months or so, to remove the forks to make them stronger.


In short, it is not by multiplying the washes and by applying only nourishing masks, that you will have beautiful hair. As you will have understood, our lifestyle has a real impact on our body and on their state of health. Favoring a varied diet, quality sleep and taking time for yourself, are all criteria that influence the quality and improve the vitality of your hair. Add good practices to your beauty routine, and you will have the desired result. So if you want accelerate growth and have more resistant hair, find out now our Beauty gummies, specially designed for take care of your hair naturally : they will shine with health day after day.


  • Published by Vanessa Rondeau le

    How long after having completed a complete cure of 3 months can we renew it?

  • Published by Les Miraculeux le

    Hello Vanessa, we recommend that you take a one-month break in order to give your body time to find its own rhythm. Once this period has passed, you can start a new beauty treatment as soon as you feel the need! Do not hesitate if you have any further questions.
    See you soon !

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