We all dream of a better, more fulfilling and more peaceful life. To help you revolutionize your daily life and have more energy, Hal Elrod invites you to initiate you into the miracle morning. Find out how this method of personal development can help you reach your goals!


What is the miracle morning?


the savers of the miracle morning


Having become very popular in recent years, the miracle morning is a method of personal development initiated by Hal Elrod.

His method is based on the following observation: how many of us live a dream life, in total agreement with their desires, their values ​​and their convictions? Take a survey around you: very few of us are 100% satisfied with their personal, professional or relationship lives.

Selon Hal, notre routine matinale conditionne très fortement notre niveau d’énergie et de motivation que nous allons ressentir tout au long de la journée. C’est en tout cas ce constat qui l’a aidé à sortir de la profonde dépression dont il se trouvait en 2008, après avoir quasiment tout perdu.


Change your morning routine to create the life you dream of


Hal started with a simple fact. Typically, most people's mornings go like this: the alarm goes off, we hit the snooze button once, twice, three times ... before we wake up in a bad mood and have to hurry up for breakfast, drop the kids off at school and get to work. Creating the life of your dreams requires taking the time to do it. However, in our society filled with obligations and distractions, it is sometimes very difficult to make time for ourselves, to work on the fulfillment of our dreams. Get up 1 to 2 hours earlier in the morning then appears as the ideal moment when we can work on it, when everyone is still sleeping and we are not at risk of being disturbed.


The benefits of the morning miracle


By transforming your morning routine, you change your physiological and psychological state. The morning is indeed the time when the mind is most alert and most focused, ready to accomplish the most difficult tasks or those that you constantly postpone. By adopting a positive morning routine, you start the day in a better mood and full of energy! You took time for yourself, to relax, to move forward with your personal projects or to play sports. These actions ultimately strengthen the gratitude, level of well-being and even self-confidence.


It is also a good way to fight procrastination. It is indeed difficult to squeeze in a sports session in the evening, when the day is over and we only have one desire: to rest and do nothing! The miracle morning will also rebalance your sleep and help you sleep better, by helping you define a framework and a fixed time to wake up.


The 6 savers of the Miracle Morning


Savory benefits of the morning miracle 


Hal Elrod defined 6 actions to do to increase his energy level and give him the opportunity to achieve his dream life.


These 6 actions are to be carried out for a specific purpose, not necessarily in the order and according to the time you have available in the morning. Hal specifies in his book that the morning miracle routine can be done in just 10 minutes, in order to adapt to all.


1. Silence


When we wake up, many of us have adopted the bad habit of looking at our phones, checking our emails or social networks. According to Hal, the best way to start the day is to tune in 5 to 10 minutes of silence ! This first “saver” is the first step towards the miracle morning. It is ideal for learning about meditation, including a guide to start the day with a free and peaceful mind.


2. Affirmations


Write affirmations is a very powerful way to boost your self-confidence. They consist of describing what we want and the goals we want to achieve to achieve a more fulfilling and positive life. Hal advises reading these statements aloud for a more powerful impact, and to repeat them several times to facilitate their anchoring in our brain.


3. Visualization


Once your affirmations have been defined, written and read, place visualization ! How would you feel if you can achieve everything you dream of? Visualize yourself filled with gratitude, energy, accomplishment, and confidence. Dwell on your feelings as if you have just accomplished all the actions you want!


4. Exercise


What more motivating activity in the morning than sport ? Ideal to start the day, exercise in the morning instantly increases your energy level. Fast running, yoga session, push-ups or even a series of abdominals, the objective here is to put your body in motion and to fight against the desire to go snuggle up under the duvet!


5. Reading


books on miracle morning savers


Penultimate action for a energizing morning routine : reading ! Laying down for a few minutes and reading a few pages of a book that you usually don't have time to read apart from on vacation or weekends allows you to get away from it all, work on your personal development or learn a new language. If you read even a few pages a day, it still represents many books read at the end of the year!


6. Scribing


last morning miracle step : writing. Taking time each morning to write down your thoughts and desires of the moment allows you to follow your progress day after day towards a more serene life. This time can also be used to define its 3 priorities of the day and take the time to properly define your to-do list.


To help you accomplish your miracle morning, we recommend that you use smartphone applications such as Alarmy, PetitBambou or even 7-Minute Workout to perform your 6 savers.


Joining a Facebook group can also be very motivating and help you discover new self-help books to read or new inspirations for your affirmations.


In addition to your morning routine, you can also opt for our energy food supplement to help you fight against temporary fatigue and regain your motivation!

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