Drop in diet, feeling tired? The month of January has only just started and you would like to have more energy? After the end of year celebrations, a particularly busy period, it is normal that you feel signs of physical or mental fatigue. To deal with this drop in tone, here are 6 tips to get back in shape quickly.


1.   Adopt a healthy lifestyle for more energy


To be well in your body and in your head, it is important to take care of yourself with a healthy lifestyle by focusing on quality sleep and balanced meals.


Sleep, an essential role in being in good shape


To recover, nothing beats disconnecting from a sleep routine in order to sleep well. Before going to bed, establish a moment of relaxation and relaxation, far from the screens. The important thing is to let go in order to fall asleep faster and regain all the necessary energy in the morning, upon waking up. You can also read all our advice if you suffer from sleep disorders. 


Have more energy with a healthy and balanced diet


Eat fruits and vegetables, we cannot repeat it enough! These are the best vitamins to naturally boost your body and help it fight winter ailments while keeping fit. Another tip to have more energy, cut down on sweets. So, finished the box of chocolate and give preference to dried fruits, true energy concentrates in case of fatigue.


2.   Fill up on energy with vitamins


vitamins for energy


Do you feel exhausted, nervously tired, or even stressed all the time? Your body has probably exhausted all of its mineral and vitamin resources, a sign that it is high time to recharge the batteries. To soothe stress and get back in shape faster, we recommend our Energy gummies trio set, for a period of 21 days. Made of Guarana, Ginseng, Goji Berry, Vitamines C and group B, these gummies are real energy boosters that reduce fatigue and bring tone and vitality to be in good shape.


In case of intense fatigue, also consider taking magnesium and iron cures. Essential for your well-being, they will help you better fight the lack of tone.


3.   Practice yoga or meditation to feel good and have more energy


yoga to have more energy


For this new Year, practice yoga is an excellent initiative to find inner peace and have more energy. Indeed, this activity allows you to recharge your batteries by calming the nervous system while energizing the circulatory system. Here are four postures to favor to strengthen your muscles and regain shape and vitality:


  • the posture of the warrior II
  • downward dog posture
  • the child's posture
  • the Viparita Karani posture

To know also that the meditation, helps you concentrate better and relieve stress. 


4.   Take care of yourself to have more energy


For this new Year, take time for yourself must be everyone's priority. So, indulge yourself by giving yourself breaks to breathe and refocus on the essential. Listening to your needs will help you reboost you physically and mentally


If you are morally tired, make an appointment for a relaxing massage, for example. Or go for a walk in the middle of a forest or by the sea, in order to recharge your batteries and have more energy. The idea is to practice the “self-care”Or learn to care about yourself before letting stress set in, without feeling guilty!


5.   Opt for a better organization on a daily basis


organization to have more energy


Managing your time with a top-notch organization will allow you to be more efficient, whether at work or in everyday life.


No more delays, forgetfulness and the stress that goes with it ... Everything that prevents us from moving forward and exhausts us on a daily basis. Therefore, to be more serene, the key to happiness is in the or-ga-ni-sa-tion. The more organized you are, the more your time will be optimized and the less overwhelmed you will feel. This is the best way to prevent lack of energy et Increase efficiency


6.   Adopt a positive attitude for a boost of energy


When we have low morale, we feel exhausted and we especially want nothing. So ask yourself the right questions: what makes you happy and makes you want to wake up in the morning? Have the right reflexes by having fun and surrounding yourself with positive people to always be at your best.


In addition, practice positive thinking, it is also learning to see things on the bright side when faced with more complicated situations. Keeping a smile and having confidence in life, whatever the events we are going through, will help you to better fight the slack.


In short, if you are feeling tired after the holidays, now is the time to put into practice these 6 tips to get back in shape and have more energy every day. Take breaks, take care of yourself with a healthy lifestyle and above all flee negative people who exhaust you morally. Let's stock up on vitamins together and long live 2021!





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