Nocturnal awakenings, insomnia, difficulty falling asleep ... sleep disorders can sometimes ruin our lives and increase the stress felt during the day. Discover our selection of books to discover to sleep better and ensure a good night's sleep!


Causes of insomnia


In France, many of us experience at least once in our life sleeping troubles. Insomnia affects approximately 20% of French, which generates a deteriorated quality of sleep with more or less important consequences during the day: concentration disturbances, irritability, mood imbalance, etc.

In a third of cases, insomnia is caused by stress. The lack of sleep reinforcing this notion of stress, we then tend to lock ourselves in a vicious circle in which it is difficult to get out! Insomnia can also be linked to health problems such as hyperthyroidism, asthma and restless legs syndrome.


Why read before sleeping?


Read before sleeping


Before bed, many of us have a bad habit of checking our smartphones or watching TV. However, the screens and the blue light they emit disturb the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for falling asleep and for regulating our wake and sleep cycles, so it is essential to say goodbye to this bad habit for regain better quality sleep, and power fall asleep faster. To replace the screens, we advise you to opt for a relaxing activity, such as meditation or reading. Read before sleeping allows you to no longer think about the day that has just passed, or our agenda for the next day! It is one of the most effective ways to help us be in the present moment and immerse ourselves in our bubble. Breathing also slows down, which helps to gently promote sleep.


If you are not a fan of printed books, you can also test the audiobooks ! The catalog is now full and many books are available to help you relax and facilitate restful sleep.


Our selection of 5 books to read to sleep better

1h Chrono to sleep better (and gain energy) - Patrick Lesage


book 2 hours flat to sleep better

Pleasant and easy to read book thanks to the many examples and illustrations contained inside, “2 hours flat to sleep better” helps you to eliminate misconceptions about sleep and better understand how our body works. Sunday night blues, light, natural solutions for better sleep, the book deals with all subjects related to sleep and offers keys as well as practical exercises to improve daily sleep.


2. Sleeping well can be learned! : 2 months of program to get Benjamin Lubszynski back to sleep


book sleep well that can be learned

To help you sleep better, Benjamin Lubszynski takes you to discover thehypnosis and meditation. To relearn your brain to regain good automatisms, the author guides you step by step to reprogram your sleep in just 8 weeks. TCC, ASMR, cardiac coherence, hypnosis and meditation, the author uses best relaxation techniques to help you let go and get back to sleep naturally. We like: the fun and practical side of the method with the supplied CD, the exercises and the 30 guided sessions to accompany us on a daily basis!


3. Meditative hypnosis - Learning to fall asleep

meditative hypnosis learning to fall asleep

For audiobook enthusiasts, “Meditative hypnosis” by Patrick Lynen and Emmanuel Teillet is an ideal book to listen to before bed to make it easier to fall asleep and improve the quality of sleep. Lasting 3h45, this audiobook contains several meditation and hypnosis sessions to listen with closed eyes to deeply relax and release the tensions accumulated during the day. Using soothing sounds, visualization techniques and muscle and respiratory relaxation exercises, the authors take you on the path of letting go and deep relaxation to slide more quickly into the arms of Morpheus!


4. The magic of sleep: Live and sleep at last! by Isalou Regen




delivers the magic of sleep

Available in kindle, paperback or audiobook format to suit all preferences, this book provides practical advice and energy rituals to adopt from morning to evening to find more peaceful nights and improve the quality of your sleep. Like a reprogramming, this book filled with positive vibes contains testimonials and exclusive interviews from sleep experts to help you better understand the sleep functioning and thus be able to take concrete action to say goodbye to your sleep problems! We like: the little well-being rituals to put in place throughout the day and not just in the evening, for more serenity on a daily basis.


5. SLEEP! The Complete Program to End Insomnia (French) by Dr Patrick Lemoine


delivers the magic of sleep insomniaComplete book on sleep, “Sleep!” develops many concepts related directly or indirectly to sleep to answer all the questions you have on the subject. The natural solutions advanced in the book are based both on the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, but also on the managing emotions and listening to oneself. We like: the sometimes scientific concepts approached in a didactic way in the book, which makes it a book understandable by all.


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