Who has never dreamed of having long, beautiful hair like princesses in cartoons from our childhood? The good health of our hair depends on many factors: care, lifestyle, diet and level of stress influence their growth and their state of health. Discover the 5 foods to avoid to have long and strong hair!


The 5 foods to avoid to have beautiful hair 


Have beautiful hair


Refined sugar, industrial foods such as rusks, pasta, pizza or pastries, high glycemic index foods cause a rapid increase in insulin which stimulates the adrenal glands in our body. This leads to an overproduction of sebum, which is then deposited under the scalp and makes hair appear greasier more quickly.

To restore balance, it is better to favor foods formulated with flour and whole sugar, little processed, if possible from organic origin to avoid pesticides.

Note that foods with a high glycemic index have consequences on our hair, which also have repercussions on our skin, there too sebum overproduction and the appearance of acne pimples!


Fat food


Like foods with a high glycemic index, foods that contain a lot of saturated fats like dairy products (cheeses, butter, crème fraîche), fatty meats or cooked dishes are to be avoided if you wish have beautiful hair.

The consequences on the scalp are the same as with foods rich in sugars: overproduction of sebum and hair which becomes oily more quickly.

We therefore choose to opt for a reasonable consumption and favor healthier foods or vegetable alternatives when possible!


Mercury-rich fish


Other foods to avoid to have beautiful hair : mercury-rich fish such as marlin, bluefin tuna, swordfish and king mackerel, which is best eaten only occasionally. Mercury has indeed been the subject of certain studies * which have highlighted its negative effects on the scalp, in particular on the role it would play in hair loss.


Foods for beautiful hair


Conversely, it is better to include in your diet oily fish containing omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, light tuna or halibut, which is also rich in magnesium. The beneficial role of omega-3 for the hair was notably demonstrated in a study conducted in 2015 *.


Avoid protein-poor foods for beautiful hair


The hair consists of an essential protein: keratin. Association ofamino acids, keratin represents more than 95% of the total material that makes up our hair! It is therefore essential that it is optimally manufactured by our body to guarantee the structure and good health of the hair fiber.

To facilitate the production of keratin, it is logical to consume foods rich in protein, preferably animal, because richer in methionine and cysteine, but also vegetables such as soybeans or legumes.


The alcohol


Dernier food to avoid if we wish have beautiful hair : the alcohol ! Consumed in too large a quantity and too regularly, it affects the whole of our organism and particularly our skin and our hair.

The first consequence of alcohol consumption is mainly the Dehydration of the body, which makes our hair drier because of the slowing of the blood circulation at the level of the scalp. Alcohol also contains a lot of sugar, which tends to slow down the natural hair growth. In addition, it causes an increase in the estrogen level which disrupts the assimilation of essential minerals such as iron, vitamins and zinc.


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