To let go on a daily basis and soothe body and mind, many relaxation techniques are available. Mindfulness meditation, yoga or even sophrology, all of these methods can really help you increase your level of well-being. Discover 4 relaxation techniques to try out now!


Why relax?


relaxation to fight anxiety


Practiced on a regular basis, the relaxation allows you to recharge your batteries and gradually find a feeling of well-being and serenity. In our society where we must always go faster, take the time to relax can help us reduce the stress we feel caught in the whirlwind of our work, family and personal responsibilities. A real tool at the service of our well-being, relaxation offers many benefits: reduction of stress, but also better management of our emotions, better quality sleep and release of muscle tension.

Very trendy for several years now, relaxation techniques multiply to suit all needs and preferences!


To learn to relax et choose relaxation methods the most suitable, it is necessary beforehand to understand where the tensions that our body is subjected to come from. We can thus distinguish between joint tensions, tensions of striated muscles, tensions of smooth muscles such as our heart or the tensions present in our digestive system. Relaxation allows you to listen to your body (through meditation for example) and to identify as you practice where the tensions come from.


The different relaxation techniques


Meditation and breathing exercises


meditation to promote relaxation


Among relaxation methods the most widespread is the meditation ! A thousand-year-old practice, meditation is one of the most effective techniques for calming both body and mind. The benefits of meditation are very numerous and recognized by numerous studies. Only imperative: it must be practiced regularly or even daily to bring visible results on the level of well-being.

Another technique close to meditation: breathing exercises to calm the heartbeat. Learn to breathe through your stomach is indeed one of the easiest exercises to do to quickly regain a feeling of calm!




Like meditation, the yoga is a relaxation practice in its own right, combining body movements and mental relaxation. Practiced regularly, yoga helps reduce stress, improve posture and flexibility of the body, and better manage emotions. There are many types of yoga, adapted to your physical condition and your needs. Do not hesitate to take a trial class if you have never tried this practice!


Sophrology, between breathing exercises, visualization and muscle relaxation


sophrology, a breathing technique promoting relaxation

Initiated by neuropsychiatrist Alfonso Caycedo in the 1960s, the sophrologie aims to calm the mind and promote a more positive state of mind. By means ofdeep breathing exercises, positive visualization and muscle relaxation techniques, sophrology is particularly recommended to improve stress management and self-confidence. Many athletes are adepts, especially to better prepare for a sports competition.


Zoom on 4 relaxation methods to discover and test now!


The “moon breathing”, a new technique for better sleep


Popularized by Sarah Harvey, author of the book “Kaizen: the Japanese method for transforming habits", There moon breathing is inspired by the practice of yoga and aims to help you fall asleep faster.


Practical details : Once in your bed ready to welcome Morpheus, close your eyes then cover your right nostril while continuing to inhale deeply with the left nostril. Then unblock your right nostril, then block your left nostril while exhaling with your right nostril. After several inversions, you will begin to feel a feeling of relaxation, thus promoting sleep. Note that this method can also be used during the day, in case of stress or before an interview important for example!


ASMR, a relaxation technique to test!


You certainly could not escape it: theASMR is certainly the the most trendy relaxation technique since a few months !

Mainly popularized via Youtube, ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) was initiated by Jennifer Allen in the United States about ten years ago. As with hypnosis, ASMR is based on the principle of suggestion, which explains why some people are not sensitive to it and do not perceive the benefits. However, some studies have looked into the subject and have shown that ASMR slow heart rate and to facilitate the secretion of endorphins and serotonin, while activating specific areas of the brain.

Marie-Claire magazine recently established a selection of best Youtubes ASMR channels to discover. We let you test and tell us what you think!


Cardiac coherence, to better manage stress and anxiety


cardiac coherence against stress


Based on a very simple breathing technique, the cardiac coherence is a innovative relaxation technique and very easy to do. It consists in doing 6 breaths per minute for 5 minutes, and 3 times a day (morning, noon and evening). In addition to the practice of meditation, cardiac coherence is an effective tool that gradually reduces stress and anxiety, stabilizing the heart rate. This relaxation method is done in a sitting or standing position, preferably with your back straight.

To help you rhythm your breathing, many Youtube videos and applications are available, on Android as well as on Apple.


Creative visualization


Used in many personal development practices as well as in the famous Miracle Morning, the creative visualization is part, as we have seen, of sophrology, but also of meditation (particularly guided) to help the brain relax. This does not in fact differentiate between what is real or unreal, which explains for example the feeling of discomfort that we feel when we imagine the worst in a situation. Creative visualization is about associate positive thoughts and images, corresponding to our desires, by feeling the emotions and sensations that are linked to them. Practiced regularly, this relaxation technique improves well-being and helps us feel more positive every day!

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