Consciously choosing to favor a healthy diet is one thing, but setting up new eating habits is quite another! We all have all of our constraints: food preferences, diet, intolerances or even a stressful and hectic lifestyle sometimes prevent us from eating better. To help you simply understand the basics of nutrition and help you eat better every day, here is our selection of books to place on your bedside table!


Why focus on a healthy diet?


eat well every day


Eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day, drink at least 1,5L of water per day, limit fatty, salty and sweet foods ... all these recommendations that we hear and see every day encourage us to favor a food better for our health and for our general well-being. While it is sometimes or even often difficult to follow these tips to the letter every day, good nutrition indeed has many benefits for our body, but also for our mind.


Opt for a healthier food every day can bring us many benefits, among which a better digestion and better assimilation of nutrients contained in the food we eat every day. Thanks to a minimum intake of fruits and vegetables, we also limit the feeling of fatigue, often felt by many of us! Eating better is also contribute to the beauty of our skin, and the proper functioning of our body in general.


4 books to discover to eat better!


1. Eat healthy how does it work? The facts clearly explained - Joël Levy


healthy eating book

Beyond the recommendations we hear every day, it is sometimes difficult to understand exactly the mechanisms of healthy eating, both opinions can diverge! Developed by renowned nutritionists, the book “Healthy eating, how does it work?” lays the foundations ofideal diet for our body and answers all the questions you have. In a didactic and very visual way, this book clarifies some misconceptions about food and nutrition and offers valuable advice to help you eat better and review your habits.

Fairly complete, it consists of 6 main parts : basic principles of nutrition, preservation and preparation of food, types of food, diets, drinks, diet and links between food and the environment (in particular the concepts of GMOs and food waste).


Our opinion: a book on food very pleasant to read thanks to the many explanatory illustrations, ideal for simply understanding how our body works!


2. Eat better and better from 0 to 100 years old: Flavors and health - Pr Henri Joyeux & Jean Joyeux


book eat better and better

Written by the famous Professor Joyeux, author of numerous books on food, “Eat better and better from 0 to 100 years” make the connection between our eating habits and the diseases of our current civilization. Through concrete advice, the authors give us the keys to eating better, whatever our age, and how to best preserve our immunity through food. How to choose our foods when we do our shopping without blowing our budget? How to best preserve them, associate them and which cooking to favor ? The book also gives pride of place to gluttony, because eating on a daily basis must remain a pleasure.


Our opinion: an ideal book for making real changes in our eating habits, and adapted to the needs and problems of the whole family!


3. Eat Better to Live Better: How to Buy, Store & Cook to Turn Foods into Super Foods - James Wong


eat better to live better

Who has never heard of super foods ? These super foods bursting with nutrients, with “miracle” virtues on our health? The subject is taken up by James Wong in his book “Eat better to live better: How to buy, store & cook to turn food into super foods”.  Original and sometimes surprising, the author invites us to take a fresh look at our everyday foods, and to learn how to better prepare and cook them in order to derive all the benefits.


By simply changing the way we choose, store or cook them, our foods can - scientific evidence to support it - become healthier but also tastier.


Our opinion: we like 80 detailed recipes from the author, to try now to learn how to cook our favorite ingredients better!


4. In 2 hours, I cook for the whole week - Caroline Pessin


batchcooking book

This is a dilemma that many of us know: how can we save time to cook dishes that are both good and healthy, easily transportable to the office, simple to prepare and quick to eat? Caroline Pessin invites us to discover the technique of “Batch cooking”, very trendy for a few years now. The principle is simple: take 2 to 3 hours on weekends to prepare all meals for the week in advance, by storing them in dedicated airtight boxes and reusing ingredients as much as possible to avoid waste.


Each week, the author offers us 80 meals made with seasonal products, clearly explained and detailed suitable for the whole family. Building on its success, the book is available in many other versions for light, vegan or special beginners cuisine.


Our opinion: we appreciate the principle of preparing meals in advance, ideal for saving us time during the week and the idea of ​​reusing ingredients as much as possible to avoid waste!




And you, among this selection, which book tempts you the most? Tell us in the comments!


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